Sofas, Sectionals, & Chairs

When walking into a living room, what captures our attention immediately is the furniture, which can create a powerful statement of a room’s character. That is why it’s important to choose comfortable furniture that captures the essence of a home’s design. Pottery Barn has created a myriad of styles to ensure that there is something to cater to everyone’s tastes. Our furniture features timeless colors and designs that are elegant and beautiful. Customers can choose from a wide variety of loveseats, sofas and grand sofas to highlight an existing room design, or they can use our furniture as the inspiration to create an innovative new style. The Charleston Slipcovered Sofa is tasteful and practical, but also pleasing to the senses, with fabric choices like Twill, Linen Blend and Vintage Velvet, among others. Our Clara Apartment Sofa has both a sophisticated and artistic quality, lending itself nicely to classic arrangements or creative, original layouts that utilize colors like Cadet Red, Cadet Navy, Metal Gray and Walnut to create bold tones or soothing hues.

Our sectionals are stunning pieces that define a space and allow customers to create a furniture design perfectly suited to the size of a particular room. They are easy to move around when needed as well. PB Comfort Upholstered Sectional Components are extremely comfortable as the name implies, and give customers the freedom to choose from armchairs, loveseats and chaises, corner chairs and armless chairs to create a custom furniture arrangement. To add additional touches to your personal style include fashionable lighting, pick out some elegant curtains or select a matching coffee table.