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Sale Rugs, Pillows, Windows

Add the finishing touches to your home without breaking your budget with our sale rugs, pillows, windows and more available at Pottery Barn. Spruce up your existing or new bedding with pillows and throws that add character or frame your space with window treatments to suit any style. Add rugs to your home to create a soft outline for your bedroom or living room furniture. Our rugs, pillows and window treatments come in a wide range of bold patterns, muted hues and vibrant colors to fit any style design or spice up a plain room.

Add intriguing design elements to your living room or bedroom and increase the comfort factor by adding pillows and throws from our sale collection. Here, you’ll find throws in several different fabrics to keep you warm even when the temperature outside plummets. If you live in a warmer climate, you can also find lightweight cotton throws that keep you comfortable without overheating. Add a lumbar pillow to increase back support when watching movies or reading your favorite novel. Check out some of the funky shapes we have that can add dimension to your space. You can match the patterns on your bedding to decorative pillows to create a cohesive theme or mix it up with complementary shades and designs.

Make your rugs and window treatments the central focus of your space by illuminating them with our sale collection lighting options. Opt for floor lamps that can draw attention to both rugs as well as curtains. Choose a lighting fixture that features a dimming switch so that you can control the light whether you need bright lighting to work or soft, warm lighting for watching lounging or entertaining guests. You can also use wall lighting fixtures such as sconces to highlight windows or look for pendant lighting and place it directly above a rug to flood your space with light.

When adding the finishing touches to your room, focusing on the windows allows you to frame in your space with intricate detail. Choose from our sale window hardware to add shimmering detail that suits your style aesthetic. Opt for burnished bronze and galvanized metal rods and finials to create a rustic and industrial look or go for elegant simplicity with glass finials. Polished nickel and antique pewter add a touch of silver shimmer to your space while cast-iron adds a handsome silhouette and invokes Old World charm.

Our sale collection makes it easy for you to design every room in your house from the bedroom and living room to the bathroom. Control light with our drapery options that let in light or keep it out so you can enjoy your home exactly the way you want. Opt for sheer curtains to let in sunlight without sacrificing privacy or go for blackout curtains that ensure you get a restful night’s sleep without harsh outdoor lighting. Choose from flowery and striped patterns or solid colors to match the drapes to your bedding, pillows or furniture. Add dimension with geometric patterns or add vibrancy to your space with bright hues.

The decorating fun doesn’t stop inside the house. Take your design outside and dress up your outdoor patio or deck area with our outdoor furniture and all-weather curtains to keep you comfortable. Select water-resistant curtains to frame in your outdoor space and add privacy without sacrificing your views. Our all-weather curtains and furniture do not fade in the sun, providing long-lasting and vibrant color to spice up your outdoor retreat. Choose window hardware in your preferred finish to hang the curtains and keep things cohesive by matching your indoor and outdoor decor for a put together look.

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