Make The Change Now with Area Rugs on Sale

If you've been waiting to make a big change in your home, now is the time with Pottery Barn's wide selection of area rugs on sale. From traditional weaves with damask or medallions to tufted, jute or flatware styles, these rugs will make your rooms look completely different in a matter of minutes. Choose a new color, an intricate pattern, an all-over print or big stripes to see how your space can look refreshed and rejuvenated.

In-Home Transformation Made Easy

One of the reasons people love new rugs so much is how easily they make your room look new.

You can hang onto beloved furniture and still feel like things are different. If you're in the middle of re-decorating or a big remodel, there's room for a new rug to fit into all the changes--especially when you find area rugs on sale.

  • Cover the floor in a hallway or passage area at the perimeter of a room with runners. These long, skinny rugs let you play with pops of color and pattern without the full commitment.
  • Go corner to corner in a big room. The expansiveness of the space lets you unroll a gorgeous pattern while the coziness of a soft rug underfoot helps create a more intimate feeling. This is particularly true if you have high ceilings to match your grand scales.
  • Splurge on a new rug just to make a room feel interesting after a few years of looking at the same piece. With sales, especially ones that don't happen frequently, it's easy to justify such an appealing move.

Trying New Interior Design Styles

In many stylish homes, there's a balance between solids or background colors and statement looks. Bold hues, pleasing patterns and cushy textures give your home its character and offer you an opportunity to express yourself in a meaningful way. These areas rugs on sale are your opportunity to play with style.

  • Select an alluring color you've loved for a long time. Maybe it's a smoky gray, an ash white or a touch of pinkish-beige. Treat yourself to a new rug and tie it into the rest of the room with a few pillows.
  • If all your rugs feature medallions and geometric patterns, now is a great time to try an allover pattern, like a large floral look with vines, stems or leaves running across the rug.
  • The reverse is true, too. If you've always wondered how your home would look with a touch of geometry, give it a shot with a Gods-eye or trellis pattern.

A new rug is an amazing way to discover colors, patterns and styles you've always considered. Take the leap now and land on a new area rug.