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Belgian Linen Drapes & Curtains

Create a clean and crisp look for your living space with Belgian linen drapes from Pottery Barn. These drapes are made from 100 percent Belgian linen, which is known for its durability and rich color absorption. You’ll get vibrant colors in a high-quality fabric when you choose our Belgian linen drapery. If you prefer to purchase eco-friendly products, you’ll be pleased to know the flax used in our linen requires very little chemical treatment, making it kind on the environment and your home.

Our drapes feature a 3-in-1 construction so you can choose how you want to hang them. If you’re looking for an industrial farmhouse look, try using clip rings to slip onto the finial instead of traditional round rings. You can set the tone for your living space with the finish you select for your window hardware. Our antique bronze finish is a classic look that pairs well with the popular farmhouse trend. Traditional options like nickel, pewter and brass allow you to coordinate with your existing furniture and accent pieces.

If you are a fan of privacy or you’re looking to lower heating and cooling costs, blackout lining is a great feature to have on your drapery. Several of our Belgian linen drape styles give you the option for blackout lining, which can help maintain your indoor temperature. With our variety of classic neutral shades, there is sure to be a color that fits best in your living space. Lighter colors like white and flax create a cool, airy look while darker colors like charcoal and deep blue make a bold statement. Try coordinating your drapes with the throw pillows on your sofa for a streamlined look throughout the room.

For those looking to make cleaning and maintenance easier, our Belgian linen drapes are dry clean only, so you can drop them off at your local dry cleaning facility for a quick clean. Each drape is sold as an individual panel, so make sure you know how many you need when ordering. We make it easy on you by including hooks with each panel, but you can always choose additional rings or ring clips, if you prefer. We also offer each style in a variety of traditional sizes, so you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your current windows. Soften the look of any room in your home by selecting our light and airy Belgian linen drapes.