Frame Your Windows With Belgian Linen Curtains

Window treatments can serve as the finishing touch to any room. Pottery Barn's collection of Belgian linen curtains is versatile, featuring an array of high-quality, solid-colored curtains in many hues. As a result, these curtains work well in any home, from traditionally styled spaces to more contemporary ones. Learn more about this style of window treatment and discover a look that works well in your home.

Advantages of Belgian Linen

Linen is a durable and sustainable fabric, making it an ideal material for window treatments, which you hope to hang and enjoy for years to come. Belgian linen, in particular, is designed with durability and environmental friendliness in mind. These curtains boast, as their name implies, a linen fabric construction woven in Belgium. At least 85 percent of the weight of flax in these curtains must come from natural flax fibers of European origin. The result is a curtain that is high-quality, well-crafted and comfortable. Plus, these curtains are crafted using eco-friendly, sustainable and green processes.

Customization Options

When shopping for linen curtains at Pottery Barn, you'll be delighted to discover different customization options so that the curtains suit your space. For example, you can hang these curtains in one of three ways. A three-in-one construction means you can hang them on the loops, with a pole pocket or using a ring top. Choose the look that you prefer. You can further customize your selection by adding a blackout liner to your curtain, which will be especially important if you're using these curtains in a bedroom where you want to block sunlight. These blackout curtains add another layer of coverage to your windows.

Colors and Sizes

Belgian linen curtains are available in several colors and sizes. You can select curtains featuring a neutral hue, such as ivory, white, gray or charcoal. Or, you can enliven your windows with color by choosing redwood or soft mint curtains. Additionally, you can select from three curtain lengths to find the right fit for your home. Consider your room's ceiling height as well as the position where you plan to mount the curtain rod when choosing curtain length.

With Belgian linen curtains hung in your home, you will enjoy a durable and well-crafted addition to your space. Don't forget to complete your purchase with the right window hardware to make installation a breeze.