Frame Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Drapes

The right pair of outdoor drapes can provide the finishing touch for any outdoor entertainment area. Use them to frame a deck, patio, pool or hot tub area, gazebo or cabana to give your next social gathering an extra touch of style and an exclusive feel. When you aren't using the outdoor space to entertain, you can draw the curtains to enjoy some private outdoor time with a good book and your favorite beverage. Pottery Barn carries a selection of outdoor curtains in both sheer and solid color styles that can enhance any outdoor area of your home.

Solid Color Outdoor Drapes

Ideal for softening sunlight while bringing additional color to the space, solid drapes offer a stylish and practical solution to your outdoor entertaining needs. Our solid color grommet drapes can be used both indoors and outdoors and are available as individual panels. They come in three length sizes of 84", 96" and 108", with each panel measuring 50" in width. The drapes are crafted of an easy-care and easy to wash stain-resistant polyester canvas that will stand up to the weather outside and the grommets are water-repellent as well. Neutral colors ensure that your new drapes go with just about any modern design scheme and make them easy to pair with patterned outdoor pillows.

Sheer Outdoor Drapes

A great way to define a space but still allow plenty of light to come through is to use a sheer fabric. Outdoor sheer drapes available at Pottery Barn are crafted of weather-resistant polyester for durability and longevity. Sheer curtains are also a great choice for indoor use to provide some extra privacy and light filtration. Tie-backs are included with each panel so that you can easily let more light in when desired. Our sheer drapes are 50" wide, with lengths of 84", 96" and 108". Choose white for a classic and airy look or go with a gray tone for a modern feel. We also carry sheer curtains in a light brown shade, which gives them a more earthy and natural appearance.

Easy Installation, Instant Enjoyment

Each of our outdoor curtains, both solid color and sheer, hang by grommets. This makes for very easy installation once you have your curtain rod up and it also gives the curtains an elegant and breezy look. After your curtains are installed, you can sit back on an outdoor chaise and enjoy both the privacy and the warm, diffused sunlight.

Create a sense of exclusivity, privacy and luxury on your patio or outdoor social area with outdoor drapes from Pottery Barn. Enjoy a soothing atmosphere as you catch the sun and the breeze or share a light summer lunch with friends and family. The right drapes will provide a fantastic complement to however you like to spend your time outside.