Refresh Your Home with Striped Curtains

Accent your windows with striped curtains from Pottery Barn. It's easy to impart a fresh new look to the living room, bedroom or any other area of your home with striped drapes. The selection also contains striped shades that are stylish and functional.

Features of Striped Drapes and Curtains

Pottery Barn has Riviera blackout curtains in several sizes and colors to suit your windows. Here are some of the features you'll enjoy with these striped curtains:

  • Durable and Stylish: These curtains are crafted from a linen-cotton blend fabric for durability and style. They have a cross-woven design, which makes them appear gently bleached by the sun.
  • Vibrant: The stripes on these drapes stand out because the fabric is yarn-dyed. These curtains are extremely colorfast, so they resist fading over time even with extended exposure to UV rays.
  • Light-Blocking: The lining of these striped drapes is made from 100 percent polyester to completely block out light. To darken the room, simply pull the curtains closed.
  • Versatile: There are two options when hanging these curtains. You can hang them from the pole pocket or convert them to a ring-top style. If you do choose to convert them, you'll need to purchase a set of rings.

Decorating with Striped Curtains

High-quality curtains can enhance your home for years to come. With the striped drapes at Pottery Barn, it's easy to achieve a coordinated look. Use the color of the stripes as your accent color, then match other pieces in the room to it. For example, if your curtains have a charcoal stripe, look for accent pieces in the same dark gray hue. A grouping of decorative charcoal-colored pillows on the sofa is just one way to tie the look together.

Striped Shades and Window Accessories

The selection at Pottery Barn also includes striped shades to match your curtains. These shades have the same striped pattern as the Riviera curtains and they're made with the same linen-cotton-blend fabric. The polyester-cotton blackout liner prevents light from getting through and ensures privacy. There's also all the hardware you need for your curtains and shades, such as curtain rods and rings.

Striped curtains are a great way to impart a breezy ambiance to any room of your home. Browse the selection at Pottery Barn today to discover window treatments that reflect your personal style. You'll also find plenty of other items with which to create a stylish living space, such as furniture, rugs and decorative objects.