4 Ways to Style Silk Curtains

Silk is a versatile choice for drapes that can be dressed up or down depending on the mood you want to achieve. Thicker, heavier silks add a touch of old Hollywood glamor to any room, while light, sheer silks add a laid-back, airy feel to a space. Here are four ways to decorate with silk drapes and curtains from Pottery Barn.

Layer Them

Stacking layers of silk panels together adds dimension and texture to your window treatments. Try stacking heavier silks over lighter, sheer panels, or make a statement by mixing and matching vibrant colors with bold patterns. If you prefer a more monochromatic color scheme, consider layering silk curtains in different hues of neutral shades. Layering blackout silk curtains over sheer drapes is an excellent way to block out harsh sunlight in bedrooms, media rooms and home offices.

Puddle Them

Puddling silk curtains can create a variety of effects depending on the length, weight and arrangement of the silk panels. Darker, thicker fabrics instantly make a space feel richer, while lighter, thinner silks add a dreamy quality to the room. To achieve a puddled look, you'll need panels that are long enough to allow for 2 to 12 inches of pooling fabric. Billowy lengths are ideal for bedrooms and other relaxed areas of the home, while shorter lengths lend a more polished look. Make the puddling look more intentional by gathering the panels and tying them back with wrought-iron holdbacks.

Knot Them

Curtain tie backs are practical when you want to let in light, but they tend to make a space feel more formal. A more relaxed way to tie up silk curtains is to tie a large knot in each panel. This will allow natural light to filter into the room while complementing the casual look of the room. Control the amount of light entering the room by stacking silk panels or adding Roman shades

Add Accessories

Dress up your silk curtains with window hardware that complements the theme of the room. Choose from modern and vintage-inspired curtain rods in exquisite finishes like wrought iron, antique bronze, polished nickel and antique pewter. Add tie backs and complete the window treatment with glass, crystal or cast-iron finials. When you're ready for a new look, simply swap the finials.

Silk drapes have a simple, yet elegant quality that makes them a great fit in any room of the home, whether your style is breezy and coastal or classic and sophisticated. Shop our assortment of silk curtains and drapes to create gorgeous window treatments for bedrooms, dens and living rooms.