Add Luxurious Window Treatments to Your Home with Velvet Curtains

Window treatments set the tone for your living room, dining room, bedroom and den. In fact, they're an important part of your decor in any room that has windows. With velvet curtains, you can get the gorgeous look you want in a variety of colors. Use this guide to learn more about velvet drapes and curtains from Pottery Barn.

Why Shop for Velvet Curtains?

Adding curtains to your room? Maybe you're just ready for a new style? Whatever you're doing, velvet is an ideal material for curtains in lots of rooms. Here are a few reasons to go for velvet window treatments in your home:

  • Velvet is a heavy material that works to block out light, letting you sleep in longer even in rooms that get tons of sun. Pair your velvet curtains with sheer curtains on a double rod so you can let light in when you want it as well.
  • The weight of velvet can help with noise reduction. Ideal for city dwellers and big family homes, the natural weight of velvet can keep sounds outside your room from getting in. Think of velvet as just a little bit of stylish soundproofing.
  • Velvet adds luxurious texture and depth to your room. Look to add velvet to more formal spaces like your living room, master bedroom or an extra-special guest space.

Where Do Velvet Curtains Work?

Velvet is a stylish material that won't ever go out of fashion. Still, the heavy look and generally elegant appeal of velvet isn't necessarily right for your mudroom or family space. Velvet does have plenty of uses as a window treatment material in your home though. Here are a few popular options for placing velvet draperies in your house:

  • Master bedrooms. Create a relaxing space where you can unwind from a long day by adding special velvet window treatments to your master bedroom. Check out our selection of drapery hardware while you're shopping.
  • Formal living spaces. Add a refined touch to your formal living room with velvet draperies in colorful and more subdued neutral tones. Gem tones can also work well in many traditional, transitional and modern homes.
  • Formal dining rooms. Style your dining room with velvet drapes so that it's beautiful for your special guests and holiday meals. Look for rich, classic colors and pleated styles that give the appearance of extra fullness and width even if you only have one or two windows in your dining room.

Redefine your formal, elegant spaces with velvet drapes in a wide variety of colors from Pottery Barn. Timeless and sophisticated, you'll love the way velvet drapes bring your favorite pieces of furniture and entire design scheme to life.