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Velvet Drapes & Curtains

The purpose of decor is to accentuate the principal pieces of furniture in the home and elevate them to another level. It gives the room the vibe you want and reflects a certain design style too. Pieces like artwork and curtains bring the walls to life and create a harmonious feel from floor to ceiling. If you are looking for drapes that make a big statement, our velvet drapes and curtains aren’t afraid to show off. If you want to see how far they can take your living room, bedroom or dining room theme, check out some awesome ideas from Pottery Barn. Feel free to play around with them and create your own signature layout with major personality.

Velvet has a lot of power. It’s bold, and bold is good. However, velvet curtains also come in different shades, so you don’t have to worry about overdoing things. Few things are as luxurious as the look and feel of velvet. Its super-smooth to the touch and that gorgeous luster shows. It also naturally absorbs sunlight, which lets you create a cozy atmosphere whenever you want. Just close the curtains and let the indirect light of wall sconces or a chandelier handle the rest.

Consider the ambience velvet gives to a room. Opaque shades have an air of tradition and opulence. They’re good for vintage styles inspired by Paris or Milan. Ivory tones are all about immaculate beauty and elegance. They make you feel like your home is a mansion filled with marble, complete with a lush courtyard garden and fountain. Golden lighting works well here, creating rich tones that match a dark wood dining table or fashionable upholstered furniture.

Knowing what shade is right for your space depends on your design vision and the darkness of the rest of the furniture. You also want to consider where you want to draw people’s attention. For example, in an all-white room, ivory shades add another layer of luxury. With such subtle color differences, this palette would focus more on different textures. Add some decorative pillows to an upholstered sofa or sectional. Play around with embroidered designs and jacquard fabrics.

If a pair of velvet curtains is what you want everyone to notice, then a dark tone like navy blue accomplishes that purpose beautifully. In that case, keep other decor either neutral or in lighter shades of blue. Glass tabletops look beautiful here as does a crystal chandelier. A blue bowl as a table centerpiece connects various parts of the room together.

With darker tones of wood – like in a 1920s-inspired dining room – go all out with intense shades of velvet. Add a few pieces of leather furniture and a breathtaking piece of artwork for good measure. Adorn the floor with a solid rug in a neutral tone.