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Upgrade Your Bedroom With King Size Quilts

When you add a king size bed to your bedroom, it instantly becomes the focal point of your space. As a result, you want to outfit your bed with bedding that pulls the room together, coordinates with your existing decor and colors and defines your style. Pottery Barn's collection of king size quilts offer a style for every home, whether you want a simple, solid-hued comforter or a vibrantly-patterned style. So, learn more about this bedding collection and pair your new quilt with some accent pillows to complete your new bedding look.

Quilt Features

The king size quilts in this collection are hand quilted, lending a handmade touch to this bedding. They feature a 100 percent cotton construction, which make these quilts supremely soft as well as durable. These quilts also include 100 percent cotton batting as a plush layer, further enhancing its comfort. Thanks to hand quilting, you'll discover interesting details, such as channel stitching, on the quilts in this collection. These details lend further intrigue to this bedding. Additionally, thanks to this durable design, the king size quilts in this collection are machine washable, which ensures that they will stay in good condition for years to come.

Colors and Patterns

When you're shopping for king size quilts, you can select from several different styles. A crisp, clean all-white quilt is supremely versatile, coordinating perfectly with any decor. So, if you're seeking a neutral color palette for your bedroom, look no further than this quilt. You can pair it with other neutral hues or add a pop of color to this clean palette.

Alternatively, you can add hand-quilted bedding to your room that will enliven it with color. For example, you can find an Asian-inspired design showcasing delicate florals in a classic patchwork pattern. Hues of blue, green, red and yellow collide on this quilt to add rich color to your bedroom.

King size quilts can accent the centerpiece of your bedroom, lending texture, color and pattern to your bed. You can enhance these quilts with other elements, which can add a decorative touch to your bed. Select a pair of coordinating shams, which serve as the finishing touch to your king bed. Don't forget the pillow inserts for your shams. With these pieces, a new, inviting and cozy king size bed will be waiting for you every night.