How To Decorate a Small Entryway

No matter how small, an entryway should be organized, intuitive and stylish.

Choose flooring
A foyer seems bigger than it actually is when the same flooring is used in the entryway and in the rooms it adjoins. Wood is warm, beautiful and classic, but it requires periodic refinishing and protection in wet weather. Porcelain tile is made from a special mix of clays and minerals that are fired at an extremely high temperature, yielding a dense tile that resists stains and scratches. Textured stone is a versatile option that adds instant luxury and is durable for everyday use. Terra-cotta tile offers a rustic look, however, because the tiles are unglazed, your floor may require sealing.

Choose furniture
Space is limited in a small entryway, therefore it is important to choose furniture that can provide multiple solutions. The entryway system shown here utilizes hooks, cubbies and drawers to make the most of a small space. Where no defined entry to a room exists, create a sense of a foyer with a freestanding unit like our Brady Entryway System.

Choose accessories
An artful arrangement of a few beautiful objects brings personality to a small entry. Here, woven baskets add rich texture to the smooth wood floor and furnishings. An unusual arrangement of faux leaves in a decorative ball adds dimension while drawing the eye upward, giving the room an elevated sense of height.