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Whether you’ve just moved in to a new house or apartment, or your present bedroom just needs a little bit of a redesigning overhaul, you may need some ideas to spark your creativity a little bit. Seeing how furniture, decor and bedding all complement each other when they’re put together can help in inspiring you to design your own bedroom space. Use Pottery Barn’s convenient Shop By Room option to get award-winning design ideas from our top designers, with all of the home goods shown in the pictures also being available for purchase. Coordinate or contrast styles, add simple touches of decor to make your bedroom pop or redo your entire furniture collection to completely personalize your bedroom and make it the most comfortable room in the home.

There are quite a few design styles to choose from when you Shop By Room, with everything from nautical styles to modern or contemporary. For example, if you want to approach a subtle nautical theme, the Fillmore Quinn bedroom page is a good place to start. If you need to add a bed to the space, a square-shaped bed works well for a classic look. When it comes to your bedding, including your quilt and sham, you can opt for a plaid pattern, which gives a bit of an Irish flair, or a simple lighthouse pattern that may easily complement marine or nautical decor already present in the room. A classic sheet set in neutral is sure to up your comfort level. Choose from plain white or add a monogram to personalize your bed set.

A chair is always a great asset to any bedroom, allowing you quick storage space as you’re folding and reorganizing laundry, or a place to sit to catch up on your latest book. You can easily match a chair to complement your bed set, adding a throw to match, or finding embroidered pillows in matching colors and designs to polish the look. If you’re continuing with a nautical theme, many of the pillow selections offered in the Fillmore Quinn room page would work wonderfully.

Beyond your furniture and bedding, there are other great ways to complete a theme for your bedroom. A nautical bedroom may do well with art such as distressed oars hanging on the walls, in addition to lanterns and sea art, including shells hanging on the walls or placed on a dresser. Look for accessories, such as lamps, that work well with your theme. A mirror is also an excellent touch for your bedroom wall, and typically a necessary accessory. Look for one in matching colors, such as distressed blue, to continue a marine theme. Rugs and window treatments also add a wealth of decor to the room. A room with a lot of art and decor often does well with a plain white or neutral window treatment or rug, while a window treatment or rug can serve to be the focal point in a bedroom with minimal decor.

There are many more themes to give you inspiration than a nautical or marine theme. Look for the romantic bedroom within the Jacquard Medallion Farmhouse selection, or a modern, industrial look with the Tacoma Davin bedroom. Those who love shabby chic will adore the Jacquard Luella bedroom, while those that need perfect color coordination should peruse the Morgan Lorraine Tall Tufted bedroom. Keep in mind there are a wealth of ideas on these pages, and they’re meant to offer you countless ways to dress up your space. Mix and match themes from different collections for an eclectic look, complete a room just the way it’s done in the pictures or add just several pieces to polish off your bedroom ensemble.