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Shop by Room: Bathroom

When you shop by bathroom collection at Pottery Barn, you simplify the task of designing your perfect bathroom. The pieces in each collection are already perfectly matched so all you have to do is browse through the collections and choose your favorite style. If you want to mix and match pieces, though, like the console from one collection and the lighting, bath towels and countertop accessory selection from another, you still end up with a stunning bathroom that’s custom designed to look great in your home.

Decorating your bathroom with seashells as the main theme lets you escape into the casual air of a California beach with classic colors and designs inspired by nature. Display shell-sculpted bath towels and a bath mat in colors that match the rest of your bathroom decor. Position pieces of pristine coral in between your countertop accessories or in chunky seagrass baskets filled with shells. Fill vases with bold floral displays and hang images of beach scenes on your wall to complete this beachy look.

Create an elegant, classically styled bathroom with the textured intricacies of the jacquard pattern. Our sculpted jacquard towels become the focal point in your bathroom, and they provide an austere, almost regal appearance. The towel colors are delicate, and they offer a subtle contrast to the pristine whites of the sink console, medicine cabinet and storage stool. Bathroom light fixtures, shiny countertop accessories and woven seagrass baskets complete the look. For extra touches of bold color and to add zest to the room, add bath mats, curtains and a shower curtain in a deep, vibrant hue like burgundy, navy blue or charcoal gray.

Enjoy the pure white of a six drawer sink console, recessed medicine cabinet and the cushioned softness of a super plush bath mat. Display a classic glass canister set on the countertop or metal etagiere shelving, and fill the jars with colorful sea sponges or monogrammed soaps for a personalized touch of elegance. Add a stunning ceramic or shimmering metal wastebasket that blends in with and complements the white decor pieces. Add a splash of color to the room with deep-toned bath towels or a colorful shower curtain and window treatments to add contrast and visual interest to the white and clear glass fixtures.

Add a rustic-industrial touch to your contemporary or western bathroom. Enjoy the welcome you get each morning in an eco-conscious bathroom, also knowing you’ve contributed to the health of the planet. Use reclaimed wood on your sink console, adding a natural and authentic look to the bathroom. Faucets, medicine cabinet trim and fixtures are available in shiny silver or gold tones to add a dramatic touch to the room; or black to match the hardware on the sink console for a themed appearance. Add bath towels, rugs and guest towels in colors inspired by the ocean to complete the look.

For a larger bathroom, a double sink console in reclaimed wood adds a casual touch. The soft brown of the reclaimed wood is compatible with both elegant countertop accessories and casual pieces like handwoven baskets and hardwood shelves and ledges that are great for storing your toothbrush holder, cosmetics case and other grooming supplies.

How about going with brilliant white pieces combined with outdoorsy, rustic touches like a casual planter and a dark wicker hamper and wastebasket? The eclectic dual nature of this combination lets you easily incorporate favorite pieces like your choice of elegant glass canisters or seagrass baskets to hold your skin care products and hair styling tools. Match the silver hardware on the sink console and linen closet to your sink and bathtub fixtures and hang up silver toned bath towel holders to complete the look.