How to Make a Bath Gift Set for Mother's Day

A relaxing soak with a favorite book is a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day. Give Mom permission to indulge by putting together a bath gift set as a Mother's Day gift.

You will need a natural-fiber basket to hold and present the contents of this spa-themed bath gift set. Keep the contents luxurious: a new plush robe, gorgeous flowers with long stems and a guaranteed good read. Choose a fluffy robe made of cotton terry and have it monogrammed as a special touch to the Mother's Day gift. Your mom's favorite classic read in an updated edition or a new best-seller makes the perfect book to the bath gift set.

You will also need: a satin ribbon, a glue stick, twine, a vintage book page, and a pencil and a hole punch to make a gift tag and to wrap the gift set.

Start by folding the robe neatly into the basket and place the book over it. Secure the robe and the book by wrapping a length of ribbon around the basket and tying a bow on top.

To create a personalized tag for the bath gift set, trace a gift tag shape onto a vintage-style book page and cover the back of the page with glue. Affix cardstock and cut the outlined shape to make an attractive label for your Mother's Day gift. Punch a hole on top and write a sweet sentiment to your mom. Wrap a length of twine around the long-stemmed flowers, string the gift tag through it and simply tie them together. Place this bouquet on top of the robe as a charming touch to your Mother's Day gift.