Surprise Mom with a Delightful Mother's Day Gift

This Mother's Day, give a gift that she can keep forever — a piece of special jewelry. Beautiful and well-chosen jewelry for mom is a Mother's Day gift she'll always cherish. Surprise her with this thoughtful gift by presenting as part of a delicious Mother's Day breakfast-in-bed presented on a stylish serving tray.

Present your Mother's Day gift and breakfast on a tray made of natural rattan lined with a pretty linen napkin. Place a small bouquet mother's favorite flower in a vase and add that to the tray as well. A small teapot, cup and saucer along with a serving plate and a stirring spoon make up the rest of the breakfast service

Secure the piece of jewelry for mom to the teabag and artfully place it on the tray. To do this, choose your mom's favorite tea and cut the existing tag from the teabag and simply tie the jewelry for mom to the teabag. Rest it on the saucer so it's the first thing she sees. Next, add some small breakfast bites to the tray along with the teacup. Your 'jewelry surprise' breakfast will make an unforgettable Mother's Day gift.