How to Make Personalized Easter Picnic Baskets

Few meals are finer than those spent outside on a beautiful day, eating delicious food in the company of friends and family. This Easter, encourage loved ones to partake in this kind of simple pleasure by putting together personalized Easter baskets for your guests. These springtime picnic baskets are easy to create and they make perfect gifts to help loved ones enjoy the beauty of nature, whether it's a leisurely outdoor meal on a weekend or an impromptu evening picnic in the backyard.

You'll need just a few essentials to create the perfect personalized Easter baskets: dishcloth napkins, a corkscrew, paper snack bags, small plates, labels and twine, clothespins, a white graphite pencil, satin ribbon and scissors, cheese spreaders as well as good wine and glasses, and cold ingredients from the fridge. Artfully arrange all these goodies in hand-woven picnic baskets.

Start by forming a cozy nest of raffia or Natural Straw Basket Filler from Pottery Barn. Decorate the basket by weaving in a length of ribbon through the basket and tie a bow in front. Use the white graphite pencil to list the ingredients for your menu on each of the sandwich bags.

Write the names of each of the guests on the cardstock tags. Then, pin these tags to the sandwich bags to make elegant personalized Easter baskets. Layer food and serveware in the basket. Include pretty table linens in spring colors to match the mood of the season.

An Easter picnic is a great way to celebrate the holiday and also the coming of spring. While it's ideal to find a wonderful destination to enjoy a picnic with a beautiful backdrop, even the nearest park or your own backyard will do. These fun seasonal picnic baskets will go a long way in bringing friends and family together for a memorable meal.