Create a Wine Gift Basket for Dad this Father's Day

A wine basket is a classic, sure-to-please gift for the Dad who knows and loves good wine. This Pottery Barn video demonstrates how to put together a wine gift basket for a great Father's Day gift. This gift is easy to create with your father's favorite wine varietal as the starting point.

The first thing you'll need is a container to hold the wine bottles and other wine-related gifts. A rustic wooden trough with a galvanized iron bin on the inside makes a uniquely-stylish container for this wine gift basket, and it can be used as a wine bucket for entertaining later. Fill the trough with plenty of corks and three wines in your dad's favorite varietal from different regions such as Sauvignon Blanc from California, France and New Zealand. Add small, special gifts to the wine gift basket such as a journal and pen so your dad can note down his thoughts about the wines.

You'll also need: a corkscrew and wine tags, twine, scissors, a white pen, cardstock and glue to help you beautifully personalize, package and present your Father's Day gift.

Place the wine in the trough and fill it to the brim with wine corks. Next, cut a strip of cardstock, glue it to the journal and write "Tasting Notes" on it. Wrap twine around the journal, and tuck in the corkscrew and the pen. Add the journal set to the wine gift basket. Draw an outline of each region on the wine tags and use to label the wine bottles. Spell out "D-A-D" on the reverse side of the three tags and tie one to each of the three bottles of wine.