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Curb appeal is a big factor in getting a house noticed. Working on the greenery is only the first step in getting a beautiful garden. The next part is adding decorative accents to the area and the rest of the outside of your home. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of decorative accents and lights to make the exterior of your house look as good as the interior.

Wreaths and garlands aren’t just for the holidays. A simple berry and vine wreath is appropriate for the front door throughout the winter season. In the summer, switch to a wreath that features seashell accents or welcome spring with a wreath of succulents or lavender. Line your walkway with ivy topiary plants or hang an ivy-covered birdcage on the front porch to add some greenery to the front facade.

Decorative planters provide a way to grow beautiful flowers, succulent plants and even vegetables in small yards or on the porch. Metal planters have a rustic style and come in a variety of styles. For a classic touch, choose planters made of materials that mimic limestone or terra cotta. Arrange the planters in a group around a fountain to create the atmosphere of a Greek garden, or use them to line a walkway or path.

Wrap string lights around the posts on the porch and turn them on at night to make the front of the house glow. In the back, light the edges of the deck, or run them through some of the trees and set up seating underneath for guests. Decorate your garden space with outdoor accents that add to its natural beauty.