Metal Outdoor Furniture

One of the great things about the outdoors is that it’s so relaxing. We associate the outdoors with enjoying nature, a sense of peacefulness and spending time with friends and family. Outdoor living areas are the perfect spaces to do just that. Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate retreat, where you and your loved ones are sure to make many wonderful memories together.

Metal outdoor furniture are the ideal pieces for outdoor living. They are stylish, durable and versatile. A Moroccan-style metal table complements a metal frame sofa with thick comfortable cushions beautifully. The sofa looks polished and feels sumptuous. Moroccan style metal tables were traditionally used to serve guests tea as they sat on floor pillows. Now they make perfect outdoor coffee tables. The table adds functionality, beauty and a sense of history to the area. Placing an outdoor rug in the living area defines it and adds softness. If you want the space to feel serene, consider a neutral color rug. If you want to liven it up, consider a bright color. Outdoor curtains provide a tropical feel, further define the living area and add softness. This inviting outdoor retreat is sure to make your friends and family immediately feel welcome.

A metal dining table and dining chairs that include plush cushions have the ability to create a beautiful outdoor dining room. Hanging decorative string lights around the space adds a luminous glow to your meal. Placing candles on an outdoor table runner provides a little refinement. For maximum impact, consider hanging a outdoor chandelier above the table. This look is both opulent and tells everyone that wonderful and memorable meals will be eaten here. Outdoor dinnerware is both attractive and durable, so no need to worry if something drops. Make sure to make a toast to your new space with your family and friends.

Metal bistro chairs combined with an outdoor bar full of food and drinks is sure to create a hot spot for gathering, lively conversation and laughter. A metal drink dispenser featuring your favorite cocktail looks refreshing and ensures guests are able to refill their drink anytime. An ice bucket ensures bottles stay refreshingly cool and allow guests to grab drinks as they wish.

If you’re looking for a little space for yourself, combine a metal base chaise lounge with a brightly colored outdoor umbrella and ceramic accent table. The accent table is the ideal size to hold your iced drink, and the outdoor umbrella will provide you with the perfect amount of shade. Just sink into your chair and enjoy the breeze. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a special space for just you and that someone special, how about a two person sofa overlooking a garden, pond or other attractive feature? Make this the perfect spot for cuddling.

They say accessories make the room and this includes outdoor spaces. Throw pillows are a simple and versatile way to change the look of your outdoor furniture. Choosing neutral furniture and outdoor rugs allows you to easily update the space by changing the colors of the accessories. Choose pacific blue throw pillows and accessories for a beachy feel or select orange and purple to feel like you’re in a Moroccan villa. Alternatively, monogrammed throw pillows personalize the outdoor living space and add an air of refinement. Potted plants are the perfect accessory to any outdoor living space, small or large. Terra cotta planters add a Mediterranean feel. Alternatively, fluted planters offer a slightly more formal touch.

Choosing rustproof weather resistant furniture makes caring for it a snap. It can usually be cleaned with warm soapy water. This furniture usually does not need to be stored indoors during inclement weather but should be covered with furniture covers. Make sure the furniture is dry before covering it. Cushions should be stored indoors during inclement weather. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.