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Katherine Gendreau

Beautiful photography can liven up a space and give it personality. It adds beauty to homes and can evoke deep emotional responses from its viewers. These images not only serve as artwork, but they also personalize your space. Adding frames to photography provides a finished look and a sense of sophistication. Photographs of the beach, ocean, and other nautical features like boats are some of the most popular pieces of art, given the oceanʼs majestic quality.

Fine art photographer, Katherine Gendreau, specializes in seascape photography. Her dreamy photographs whisk viewers away to another world. Gendreauʼs photographs primarily capture the Rhode Island beaches. This is where she learned about photography as she took sunset bike rides along the beach. She seeks to create photography that inspires a sense of wonder and transforms your space with soothing wall art. Many of her images are long exposure, emphasizing the interaction of stationary and movement elements, capturing the culmination of both in a single frame. She also experiments with intentional camera movement to create an image that appears painted and transforms the scenery into a wash of color. The photograph, Tide Lines is a superb example of this experimentation. These nautical images offer both beauty and a soothing feel.

The Katherine Gendreau framed prints that we have at Pottery Barn promise to be with you for many years to come. Optional beveled mats are of archival quality and acid-free. Frames are constructed of alder wood and are available in a distressed style or as a sleek look. The frames are also backed with D-rings for easy mounting. The images are printed on 270-gram paper. Photos are available in multiple sizes.

Looking for a way to wow your guests? Pairing one of these seaside photographs with a console table in your homeʼs entryway offers a striking look. Consider adding some nautical lanterns to take the look one step further. These soothing images are also an ideal addition to a living room, bedroom or even an office. Hanging a Gendreau photograph above your office desk gives you a soothing space to rest your eyes throughout the day. Whether you fill your room with Gendreauʼs photographs or blend them with other photography, this artwork is sure to add beauty to your home. To make one photograph stand out consider displaying it under specialized lighting that highlights the artwork. Sconces and customized lighting can showcase your photographs beautifully, promising that this artwork will become a favorite in your household.

Dreaming of falling asleep with the ocean each night? Pairing these seascape photographs with nautical bedding and nautical decor transforms your bedroom into a beachy sanctuary that will help lull you to sleep at the end of a long day.