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Rebecca Plotnick

Art is similar to music in that once you find something you like, you want to surround yourself with it and own more of it. This applies to all of the visual arts – from paintings to sculpture to photography. Once a particular artist has caught your eye, it’s only natural that you would like to appreciate pieces of their work on a daily basis by having it on your wall. At Pottery Barn, we recognize the allure of being a fan of a particular artist, which is why you can shop not only by genre and theme but by using the Shop By Artist feature. If you have a yen for European photography stills, then you are sure to enjoy the work of photographer Rebecca Plotnick.

An American artist, Plotnick has lived in Paris since 2013, and many of her stills capture the magic of Paris street life as well as attractions and architecture. With everything from shots of the Eiffel Tower to the sun setting on St. Germain, there are many beautiful pieces that are sure to complement your decor and style in your living space.

Integrating works you like into spaces on your wall is simple. You can never go wrong when placing art, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you go, depending on your preferences. All of the available Rebecca Plotnick framed photograph prints have options for differently colored frames When complementing colors, sometimes it’s the matching of the frame to the furniture and decor, not the art or picture itself. With choices that range from espresso to white for your framed art, it’s simple to match with your existing ensemble.

Framed photographs are also available in different sizes. You may like to create a montage of smaller photographic prints in certain areas of your home like your home office, or you may like one large print to hang above your mantel, sofa or media center. Another spot that is often home to a large print is above the headboard of the bed. You also have the option of selecting Plotnick’s prints with either a mat within the frame or no mat. Geometrically, this may make a difference, especially if you’re pairing your art with modern, retro or contemporary decor. Rebecca’s photographs look lovely in any room of the home. Choose an endearing photograph of vintage books in your study or den or a picture of a bistro menu displayed prominently in your kitchen or dining room.