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Zlatka Paneva

Zlatka Paneva, who is of Bulgarian descent, has devoted her whole life to being an artist. Her artwork blends creativity with feelings using nature and the world around her as inspiration. Decorate any room in your house with her framed prints. A floral print could stand alone on a wall in a bedroom or den. Funky white or red bottles of wine would pair well together in a kitchen, family room or home bar.

Choosing accessories for your home can be exciting because you have so many options. At Pottery Barn, we offer many tasteful ideas geared to match your personal preferences. Something as simple as a vase can add height and depth to the decor. Ginger jar shapes are rounded or choose a taller size and fill it with dried baby’s breath for a light, feminine touch. Corkscrew willow branches will practically climb out of a vase to fill tall spaces or high ceilings. Choose a few different types of vases to group together without having to fill them. This will give you some definition in an area that might need some oomph.

Candles in exotic or hurricane-style candleholders make a stunning addition to any decor. Pillar candlestick holders are beautiful on a dining room table or fireplace mantle. Intricate carvings on candleholders or funky ring holders make a statement wherever you put them but would certainly stand out on a coffee table or bedroom dresser.

Bring some of the outdoors inside by placing plants throughout to fill in any empty spaces. They bring life inside. For those reasons, we have real and faux plants and trees available. A live orchid in a vase gives an exotic vibe, or place a live hydrangea basket on a table for a warm and welcoming centerpiece. A faux bougainvillea gives you the gorgeous colored blossoms without the prickly thorns. You can also add a faux fiddle leaf tree that stays evergreen and never needs watering.

Add dimension to your decor not only with Zlatka Paneva artwork but also with accent mirrors that reflect the natural aura of your home. If that is traditional, choose a mirror that fits the more formal style with ornate moldings. For an eclectic tone, hang a funky mirror with geometric shapes. Group small circular mirrors together to complement your wall space. Frameless mirrors are out of the ordinary for when you prefer something more streamlined. Mirrors with panels resemble contemporary artwork and are ideal in a foyer or entryway. Hang one on a wall opposite your Zlatka Paneva artwork and let the images reflect off the mirror. Whichever type of mirror you choose, you’ll also make the room or space look a little bigger just by using them.