Game Day Serveware for Hosting at Home

Host a raucous party at your place with game day serveware that keeps everyone fed and happy. Start planning tons of snacks, hors d'oeuvres, finger food and dips. Serving pieces make up the bulk of what you need for a successful event. Find pieces that reflect your love for your favorite teams or keep it neutral with wood, marble and galvanized tin accessories that can stand up to any sports fanatic's enthusiasm. Keep spirits high with an abundant spread that makes your house the place to be on game day.

Organizing A Game Day Party

Plan out everything you need to create a beautiful buffet at home. Use your dining table--bonus points if it has a drop-leaf--to set up a buffet or create a more casual atmosphere with game day serveware set up around the house in corners, on counters, on a coffee table or other places where your friends congregate.

  • Select sports trays with franchise or team names on them. Logos get everyone amped up for a day of fun and showcase your hosting excellence.
  • Mix your logo pieces with pieces that you can use all year long. Choose wooden platters in a variety of shapes, like an organic slice of a log or a slab inspired by live-edge cuts.
  • Coordinate with serving elements that complement a sports-themed party. Beer steins, accents inspired by beer barrels, footed bowls and tiered trays offer an atmosphere of camaraderie for all who attend.

Party Platters, Boards, Trays and Plates

Game day serveware is all about using your hands. Guests can go straight for the food when you lay everything out on party platters or boards.

  • Get a variety of different heights. Look for boards made of wood slabs or reclaimed wood that rest directly on your chosen surface.
  • This gives your spread a stylized look across a dining table or credenza. It also makes it easier for your friends to choose what to eat next by creating defined spaces for appetizers.
  • Pick up extras when it comes to cheese knives, spreaders, small forks and other serving utensils. People are most comfortable when there's a few serving utensils per tray or plate.

Drinks, Glassware and Dispensers

Expect drinks to go down quickly. Be prepared with dispensers, glasses, napkins and more.

  • Select a signature punch or cocktail to put into a drink dispenser with a spigot so guests can serve themselves.
  • Choose stands for the dispensers, so you don't have to put them near the edge of your table and risk spills.
  • Make sure you have plenty of beer steins, stout glasses, wine glasses and rocks glasses to accommodate everyone's preferences.

At the end of the game, your friends might care who won or lost, but they'll all remember what a great time they had in your home.