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Napkin Rings & Place Card Holders

Hosting a dinner party is a great way to get together with friends and relax with some good conversation and a delicious meal. Pottery Barn has an exquisite collection of napkin rings and place card holders that really give your table a polished look. Choose from either nickel, gold or wood rings before selecting a decorative set of place card holders. Of course, you’ll need a matching set of napkins to go with them. Opt for the pattern of leaves in the fall, a reversible linen napkin for two different looks or go with a monogrammed set that can be used year-round.

Traditionally, napkin rings were used for each member of the family to keep track of their napkin throughout the week – before the invention of modern washing machines – each person having a distinctive ring to call their own. Today, napkins rings have transformed from a functional purpose to a decorative addition to your table setting. Napkins rings can certainly be placed on your table every day, but they are more customarily expected on formal dinner settings, holiday meals and special gatherings like wedding receptions and anniversary parties. Whatever your particular reason for choosing napkin rings, we have a diverse selection to keep your napkins in place and add cheer to your table settings.

Place card holders are also typically used for more formal settings, or for parties where you want to make sure a certain someone sits next to another certain someone. Place card holders sit above your dinnerware and hold a card typically made of cardstock so it sits up nicely. Using place card holders takes away the confusion guests often face when the table is filled with delicious foods in beautiful serveware, but no one is sure if they should sit at the head of the table, next to roast beef or just wait until there is only one seat left and the choice is obvious. Our 12-piece caterer place card set answers all of these questions, and even comes with accompanying cards for you to write on. What’s more, their ingenious two-in-one design makes these place card holders a napkin ring at the same time: the silver-plated ring holds linen napkins beautifully in place while a niche on the top holds the place card.

Silver is actually the original form napkins rings were fashioned from two centuries ago. To continue this tradition, we also offer antique silver napkin rings etched with the loving sentiment “friends and family.” If you like the idea of engraving, we also offer monogramming on some of our napkin rings, centered proudly on two sides. Along with silver, choose between nickel, copper, brass and pewter napkin rings, handcrafted and hand-hammered for an elegant yet understated touch to your table setting.

Perhaps the holidays is the most enjoyable time to bring out the napkin rings and place card holders. We won’t let you down in that department. For Thanksgiving, select a set of steel rings that remind dinner guests to “give thanks” as it’s etched around the napkin ring. Christmas meals are even more festive with napkin rings fashioned with mini sleigh bells, the 12 days of Christmas and Santa’s reindeer. Complement your yuletide table settings with bright red berry tree place card holders. Seasonal gatherings are also made just a little more special with smoked crystal napkin rings made of delicate tempered glass and finished with glitter, which look great against a tablecloth in autumn colors.

To round off our collection, we also give you a choice of clear acrylic napkin rings that are appropriate year round, along with more fine choices. To place your napkins in the rings, you can either fold the napkin neatly into a square, roll it and place it through the ring, or create a fan fold. Alternatively, unfold the napkin completely, place a finger in the middle of the napkin and push it into the ring until the napkin’s half way through. For a touch of nature, choose from our gold antler-shaped napkin rings, which go well with a silver stag place card holder, or our napkin rings made from handwoven rattan.