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Serve Your Guests in Style with a Decorative Water Pitcher

Serving guests during a dinner party doesn't have to mean running from spot to spot filling up water glasses. You don't even have to play bartender the whole time you've got a cocktail party going on. With the right serving pieces, you can enjoy your own dinners and outsource some of those hosting duties! All you need is a stylish pitcher on your side.

Use this guide to learn more about the water pitcher styles you can find at Pottery Barn. You can also find an assortment of decorative pitchers for all of your favorite drinks.

Why Keep a Water Pitcher Handy?

Pitchers are everyday essentials that every kitchen cupboard needs. From serving your dinner party guests to keeping everyone cool by the pool, pitchers serve a wide range of different purposes. Here are a few ways you can use a quality water pitcher around your home:

  • Pitchers make it easy to serve fresh juices at the breakfast table with your family. You can also use those pitchers for iced tea and a whole range of beverages you drink every day.
  • You can keep a pitcher with a top in the refrigerator. Make it easy to get that cold, clean glass of water with a pitcher that lives in the fridge. Look for pitchers that infuse your water with fresh or frozen fruit to add a little natural flavor.
  • You can give your dinner table a bit of extra style with decorative pitchers. Look to match your favorite place setting pieces like plates, bowls, table runners, placemats and napkins.

Water Pitcher Styles

Water pitchers are essential whether you're feeding a dozen people for dinner, hosting a potluck or just making sure the kids have something to drink on a hot summer day. Here are a few popular styles you can shop for:

  • Glass pitchers. Great for serving colorful cocktails, iced tea and plain or sparkling water, glass pitchers are a go-to option for any table setting. Look for clear and more colorful varieties for your table.
  • Decorative pitchers. Silver pitchers, copper pitchers, painted ceramic pitchers and an assortment of decorative styles bring a touch of elegance to your formal or family table. Look for decorative pitchers in a range of sizes so you can go a little longer without refilling your favorites.
  • White ceramic pitchers. A smart, neutral option for any table, white ceramic pitchers come in plain and more ornate varieties. Look for solid white pitchers or pick a style that adds another color or texture to your table.
  • Acrylic and melamine pitchers. Durable and lightweight, acrylic and melamine pitchers are ideal for day-to-day use at home. Keep cold water in the refrigerator or have freshly-squeezed orange juice on hand around the clock. Acrylic and melamine are also ideal materials for outdoor use since you won't have to worry about broken glass if there's a spill.

Wash down your family meal or stave off the summer heat with a glass of your favorite beverage poured fresh from a decorative or daily-use pitcher. Ideal for adults-only cocktails or kid-friendly concoctions, the right pitcher makes serving simple while bringing serious style to your table.