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Serving Platters

Producing masses of food for family gatherings and parties doesn’t just require lots of organization, it needs attention to detail on the presentation front, too. With Pottery Barn’s variety of serving platters, you can present your culinary creations with pride. For those who enjoy rustic looks, there’s a range of wooden serving platters. Not only do they work well as cheeseboards, they’re excellent for fruit and pastries, too. Those seeking something a little more specific can try the cheeseboards and knives available. With the right knife, it’s possible to enjoy cheese like Brie or Stilton in a refined manner.

When it comes to serving hors d’oeuvres, sometimes keeping your creations warm is an uphill battle. Fortunately, there’s a number of ceramic serving platters available. As ceramic does a great job of preserving heat so it will help maintain the warmth of delicacies, such as pastries and mini pizzas. You can take those heat-preserving benefits a step further with ceramic serving bowls. Featuring elegantly curved designs and large sides that prevent spillages, these bowls ensure steaming hot dishes stay warm for longer. In addition to being practical, they’re aesthetically pleasing, too.

Celebrating holidays in style is easier with themed serving platters. From the turkeys associated with Thanksgiving to the glittering holly wreathes that adorn front doors during the Christmas season, the simplest of decorations can set the tone when the holidays come around. As there’s a selection of large platters available, finding one that’ll accommodate large dishes isn’t hard. Take the themed decor a step further with decorative napkins. With an array of colors and designs to choose from, completing a seasonal theme becomes effortless.

When the festive season does come around, finding a way to serve roast vegetables and food covered with sauce doesn’t have to be tricky. As there’s a plethora of serving platters with raised edges available, you can reduce the risk of unwelcome spillages between the kitchen and the dining table. For a vintage look, try those made from wood, or stick to plain white stoneware for a solution that’s versatile. In the spirit of streamlining serving sumptuous dishes, try our range of serving accessories, too. Whether it’s dishes for condiments or gravy boats that bring the table decor to life, there’s a solution for the food you’re presenting.

While serving platters make dinners at home convenient and aesthetically pleasing, they also come in handy when serving your home cooked meals elsewhere to share with others. When you need to create a dish for a friend’s party that requires combined efforts, or pitching in for a community event, there’s a litany of durable solutions to choose from. As there’s a range of heatproof and microwave safe options, finding a platter that’s suitable for when food needs reheating is simple. If you’re using the platter for an outdoor event, consider the outdoor drinkware range as well. Thanks to the use of shatterproof materials, they’re great for those who’d rather not risk breaking their usual glasses.

If the host who loves to hold regular dinner parties is a great description for you, you may want to consider serving platters that are versatile. From those who prefer plain white to items in block colors, there are a number of these available that act as an excellent backdrop for any party theme. Some even come as parts of sets, making them easy to coordinate. If you’d like to continue the uniform theme through to the dessert course, try trays and stands that match. Not only do they make serving cakes, cheese and fruit platters to large groups easy, they allow your guests to take in the presentation of your food before choosing what they want to eat.