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Salt & Pepper Shakers

No meal is complete without the proper seasoning, and Pottery Barn offers a number of contemporary, elegant and holiday salt and pepper shakers to decorate your tables and counters, and fit in with your other serving accessories. Fill these shakers up with the traditional salt and pepper fillings and always be able to tell which one is which. Feel free to fill the shakers up with different seasonings if you use a spice like cumin, paprika or chili powder more often.

When it comes to seasonal salt and pepper shakers, we have you covered for the Halloween and harvest season. Decorate your kitchen with pumpkin and gourd shakers to bring in another successful harvest and all of the delicious vegetables that come along with it. These shakers are made of hand-poured glazed stoneware, giving them a shiny exterior. They also come with a copper stand that resembles a carrying basket. The shakers do not slip off the stand because they feature rubber stoppers on their undersides.

After about a month after Halloween, celebrate the second harvest holiday with a set of turkey shakers for Thanksgiving. Made of zinc alloy plated with nickel, these turkey shakers feature intricately detailed feathers, beaks and wings. Plastic lids keep your seasonings from spilling out onto the table when you accidentally knock the shakers over.

When the winter holidays roll around, prepare yourself with Christmas and Hanukkah salt and pepper shakers. Santa comes bearing gifts of seasonings in his bag this Christmas with a set of salt and pepper shakers made of ironstone and painted in rich lacquered colors. He rides in on his sled made of real wood and metal. Don’t forget the 12 Days of Christmas by making sure you have a partridge in a pear tree on your table or counter, which also conveniently doubles as a salt and pepper shaker. Finally, celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah with a menorah, with each side of the zinc alloy candelabra detaching to create an individual shaker.

You don’t need a special occasion to have special salt and pepper shakers. A set of vintage-style silver-plated shakers adds a dimension of warmth to your kitchen or dining room table with the appearance of being polished and well loved for years. The shakers are labeled in cursive, giving a classy and elegant appearance. They pair well with any type of dinnerware sets you own, especially our Maxfield Collection.

We also offer a couple of salt and shaker sets that go with our dinnerware collections, including the Cambria and Emma sets, made of fine stoneware. The Cambria set features small handles for easy pouring, while the Emma set has ridges right under the lid for a secure grip.

For something with plenty of natural artistic style in your salt and pepper shakers, consider ones made of both wood and natural bone. Skilled artisans make these shakers with tone-on-tone coloring, making each item unique. The shakers have a square design, giving your table or kitchen counter a more contemporary feeling than traditional products. If you want something with plenty of charm, consider the squirrel and acorn shaker. The squirrel and body of the acorn are made of white stoneware, while the bottom of the acorn features a metallic gold to give it a stylized appearance.

If you want to turn the kitchen table into a fine dining setting, consider the marble salt and pepper holders. White and black marble indicate the appropriate seasoning, while stainless steel spoons allow guests to sift and dispense fresh ground peppercorns or pink Himalayan salt to their preference. The dispensers sit on top of an acacia wood block for extra elegance.