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Shop Holiday Dinnerware for the Festive Season

Getting all of your friends and family members together for a meal is one of the great joys of the holiday season. Whether you've got family members flying in from all over the country or world or you're just trying to make a special memory for the people in your house, quality holiday tableware can make a big impact on your festivities.

Use this guide to learn more about holiday dinnerware and why it's a must-have for your kitchen cabinets or dining room buffet. You may only use your holiday plates and dining pieces once or twice a year, but they're well worth having if you love hosting meals for the people close to you.

Adding Holiday Dinnerware to Your Home

You can make a home-cooked meal shine or turn takeout into a festive feast with dinnerware designed for your holiday table. Here are a few reasons to shop for seasonal dinnerware for your home:

  • Seasonal dinnerware gets everybody into the spirit of the holiday. From dinner party guests to your young children, the holiday spirit is truly contagious when it starts at the dinner table.
  • You can get your home ready for a dinner party or festive celebration in minutes. Holiday decorations are great for the house, but if you're utilizing a formal dining room, it's often hard to showcase your holiday spirit in a tight space. Seasonal dinnerware makes your holiday spirit useful.
  • You can create an amazing table setting without breaking out the good china. Everybody loves a good set of high-quality china, but if you're entertaining a big family with kids, you may want to leave out the priceless stuff. Decorative seasonal dinnerware adds style to your table without putting your family heirlooms or special occasion dinnerware at risk.

Shop for These Stylish Holiday Dinnerware Pieces

Ready to whip your table into shape for the holidays? Here are a few popular options for getting your seasonal table setting just right:

  • Individual plates, cups, bowls and mugs. From simple one-pot meals to lavish four, five and six-course dinners, individual plates, cups, bowls and mugs help you serve all of your seasonal favorites.
  • Seasonal serving pieces. Serve holiday ham, winter veggies or seasonal salads with a variety of serving pieces designed for family style meals.
  • Holiday dinnerware sets. Ideal for families and regular hosts, dinnerware sets give you everything you need to create an optimal place setting for everyone at the table. Look for sets of individual pieces like plates and bowls, or shop for complete sets that include everything you'll need to put a beautiful meal on the table.

Get ready for every special season with a wide range of dinner plates, bowls, cups and sets from Pottery Barn. You can also find upscale serving bowls, flatware and more to make sure you've got a stunning table setting for your next dinner party, potluck or family get-together.