End Tables

When you’ve put your feet up to relax after a day at the office or you’ve just gotten comfortable in your favorite chair, it’s nice to have everything you need within arm’s reach. End tables are an ideal way to make sure you can always grab your coffee cup or uncurl from your cozy spot to reach the remote control.

The Be-All Table

It’s always handy to have places to put a lamp or a cup of coffee, and end tables are an effective option for making sure you always have enough useful surfaces throughout your home. These tables are usually relatively small. That makes them versatile decor solutions that are ideal for situating at each end of a sofa, within arm’s reach of your arm chairs, beside your bed or in the corner of the hallway to hold your house keys and letter organizer. Beautiful accent tables also give you a way to express your style, and you can enhance the visual appeal in any room with the end tables you choose. Their small size makes them very portable, so it’s easy to change up the look of your decor, alter the layout of your living room or simply move tables out of the way for extra room during a party.

Sizing Up Your Options

Size is an important consideration. Before you make a purchase, think about where you intend to place your end tables. If you’re planning to position them at the end of a sofa or plush chair, measure the area to make sure there’s plenty of room. Choosing tables that are the same height and depth as the sofa’s arms has the functional benefit of making it easier to reach for items. This also gives your room a sense of balance. Choosing tables that are smaller is good for squeezing maximum benefit out of any space, too. If you want something to put beside the bed, choose tables that are the same height as your mattress to make it easier to snooze the alarm clock on those lazy mornings. It’s common for end tables to stand close to walls or even in corners, but if you want to put one beside a chair near the center of the room, take extra care to leave enough space to move around easily. Also, take into account the space required for opening doors or nearby cupboards. In these situations, you may want to consider round tables that don’t have corners to bump into.

Choosing an End Table

The wide variety of styles, size and shapes means there’s an end table for any situation. Plus, there are countless ways to use them to create a style you love. Choosing tables that match the rest of your furniture – such as with the same type of wood legs – gives the room a cohesive look. Going for something different yet complementary has the potential to add interest. For example, you can create a pleasing contrast when using round accent tables in a room with a rectangular coffee table. Consider complementing a rustic front porch with reclaimed wooden tables with iron legs. Or, try sophisticated rosewood to enhance your traditional decor. Pick painted wood if your living room has a fresh, contemporary style. Many end tables incorporate drawers or a shelf, and it’s even possible to get trunk tables that double up as useful storage bins for everyday items you don’t want to keep out on display. Using these storage solutions is a great way for you to maintain the neat appearance of your home while still keeping items you need close at hand.

Whether you want accent tables that show your flair or simple end tables with functional form, the addition of useful surfaces and additional storage gives you more options for making your home your own. It may not seem like much, but ensuring everyday objects are within reach makes a big difference in your comfort level at home.