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How To Decorate the Mantel with Christmas Stockings

On Christmas morning, everyone runs for the tree, but it's usually the stockings that get the first peek. Decorate the perfect mantel with Christmas stockings, so those first gifts have a gorgeous scene behind them.

Use Your Tree as Inspiration

Use your Christmas tree as the starting point for your mantel decor. Since the tree gets the most decoration, you can use it as inspiration for the rest of your living room, kitchen or entryway.

  • Match your mantel to your tree closely. If you went with lots of red, stay with red over the fireplace. In love with glitter? Take its look across the room for major impact.
  • Conversely, try a contrasting look. Did you go big with glass ornament trends this year? Then, bring a woodsy feel to your mantel to highlight the glimmer of the tree. Matte ornaments and stocking holders complete the look.
  • Use the mantel as a bridge into your other rooms. Maybe you went winter-wonderland white on the tree. The mantel can help integrate metallics or other colors to match the rest of your home.

Select Christmas Stocking Holders for Your Stockings

Most families have traditional Christmas stockings they use year after year. If you don't already have stockings you love, fix that this year with traditional red, green, white or plaid stockings. Add names or monograms to make them uniquely yours.

Once you have your Christmas stockings ready, you need stocking holders. These are a focal point of your mantel's decor.

  • Try brass holders for a versatile look that match your holiday decor as it changes throughout the years.
  • Be creative and hang stockings from a planter stocking holder. Greenery in the planter offers clean, yet lush mantel decor.
  • Spell out words that mean something for the season, like "joy" or "Noel."

Get Out The Greenery

After you get your stocking holders arranged how you like, start dressing the mantel with greenery.

  • Run garland along the length of the mantel. For a cohesive look, double up on the same style of garland on staircase banisters and cabinets or hutches tops.
  • Select a beautiful wreath to create a central focal point over the fireplace. You can play with wreath looks by experimenting with floral or leaf styles, too.
  • Choose pre-lit pieces or accent your selections with lanterns or LED candles.

Give your home's mantel as much love as you would give the tree for an exceptional Christmastime living room look.