Fill Your Home with Indoor Christmas Decorations

A dazzling holiday interior makes your home feel cozy, welcoming and joyful. Start filling your rooms with cheerful indoor Christmas decorations to enliven your spirit and make your parties memorable and exciting.

Start with Christmas Tree Decorations

The tree is the star of the show in many homes. Some families even put up more than one tree in a bigger home -- one for presents with the family and another to greet guests at an entryway or in a large entertaining room.

  • Decide upon fresh or pre-lit trees. A forest of pre-lit trees is an easy, but stunning look around the home.
  • Pick a theme for your Christmas tree decorations. Try winter white or bring exceptional sparkle with all glass ornaments.
  • Select a tree skirt with sumptuous colors and unique details, like a thick knit in deep red or a quilted holly pattern.

Decorate Your Mantel and Stairs

Let every expanse of your home present a new decorating opportunity. Your mantel and stairs are begging for lots of holiday flair. Don't have a mantel or stairs? Look to high shelves, the tops of cabinets and even crown molding.

  • There is no such thing as too much garland this time of year. Drape every place you have space with fresh or pre-lit strands of greenery.
  • Hang ornaments directly from garlands or place them on surfaces -- just remember to remove any hooks you might have left on last year.
  • Explore this year's lighting options. In-home lighting gets better every year. Look for battery-powered LED string lights in sophisticated styles.

Set Up Christmas Table Decorations

Give the Christmas table the fanfare it deserves. You can start with dinners well before the actual day and expand the decor as you get closer to Christmas.

  • Choose place settings that bring the holidays to life. Christmas dishes make all meals feel special.
  • Discover the wide range of indoor Christmas centerpieces. From reindeers to village scenes to snow-capped trees and nativity scenes, you can embellish, adorn and build up looks to your heart's content.
  • Light the table up with candles, lanterns, LED string lights and twinkling decorations.

Dress The Windows

Give the windows the attention they deserve. This space serves as your bridge between indoors and outdoors. Wreaths, lights, LED candles and more bring the holidays inside and still share the joy of the season with your neighborhood.

Creating a sense of beauty for your community is part of what the holidays are all about. Let all who enter your home feel the peace and significance of the season.