Celebrate with Christmas Table Decorations

If you're looking for an extra way to make holiday meals memorable, Christmas table decorations add a touch of unique creativity. Have fun all season long by mixing and matching centerpiece and tabletop decor with your dinnerware, serving pieces and lighting. Design a new look every few days for your family or renew the look at each hosted dinner. Soon, your Christmas centerpieces will become another tradition for everyone to anticipate as the season approaches.

Setting The Traditional Table

Make the most of this time of year with traditional motifs nearly everyone loves. Your personal selections and how you arrange your decor keep your table unique.

  • Arrange a centerpiece with candles, greenery and a mix of decorative trees in wood, glass or ceramic.
  • Choose a fun sleigh to place on the table. You can use it purely as decoration or fill it with candies or other morsels.
  • A nativity set that represents the birth story of Jesus in the manger, surrounded by animals or angels, looks elegant in a high-quality miniature form that scales to your tabletop.
  • Enjoy the sparkle of holiday colors and finishes, like cream and gold, red and green, touches of glitter or other polished looks.

Curating A Modern Tabletop

Other dinners may call for a modern tabletop. A modern table lets you focus on a few outstanding decorative objects that you select for high impact and celebration.

You can still rely on traditional Christmas table decorations, like lights or greenery. Just curate contemporary pieces to complement the classic elements.

  • Enhance your collection of lit decor with LED candles, string lights and modern votive holders.
  • Create a mixed media aesthetic with wooden trees, glass decor and color blocking for a fresh take on the expected holiday hues.
  • Experiment with lanterns to showcase flickering light and cloches to highlight statement objects you place inside glass.

Leaving The Decorations Up

One of the best ways to keep each holiday season feeling special is to rely on a few touchstone decorations and mix up how you arrange them and when certain pieces make their appearances. For instance, a beloved heirloom might come out as soon as the season starts or only on Christmas Eve, but you can rotate your contemporary decor.

Maintain a joyous feel all season long by leaving certain decorations up after a meaningful meal or between parties. For instance, fix where you put candle holders, wreaths or greenery. That way, whatever you do to your tabletop always includes an element of novelty.