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DIY Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween, expressing your creativity not only saves a pretty penny, but also means that your costumes will be one of a kind. At Pottery Barn, we’ve got some great do-it-yourself costume ideas to keep you looking your best during this festive season. Whether you’re looking for a costume you can throw on in a few minutes or an elaborate piece using RGB LED lights, you’re sure to look amazing among your Halloween decor. DIY Halloween costumes don’t have to be complicated. Pick a theme and run with it using items you have lying around the house or with a few small additions for finishing touches.

Draw inspiration from your tabletop or bedroom and use items you have lying around as the base of your costume. You can be a ghost in 5 minutes using simple, white bed sheets or tablecloths. One way to make a simple costume, such as a clown or witch, more elaborate is to focus on your makeup. Gemstones make any fairy shimmer a little brighter while red lipstick and blush are the ideal tools to create bloody designs.

When it comes to DIY Halloween costumes, you want to keep in mind if you will be wearing your costume outdoors. For long evenings of trick or treating or outdoor monster bashes, you’ll want to stay toasty warm at a time of year when the temperatures tend to dip. Prepare for the cold by adding leggings or stockings underneath skirt or dress costumes. For extremely cold climates, thermal tights or long underwear are sure to keep you warm while looking your best. In cold weather, you can also sew your own onesie from fleece in the shape of a unicorn, shark or even a bird to keep warm all night long.

Inspire your harvest celebrations with costumes featuring your favorite characters. Step out of the realm of reality with characters from childhood storybooks or remake intricate costumes from popular music videos. Movies can also offer a plethora of inspiration with characters from superheroes to princesses and villains. Classic costume ideas from movies or television shows from the 1940s through the 1960s can be thrown together using mostly things you already have in your closet.

You can also dress up in the characters typical of the holiday season, such as pumpkins and skeletons. For an easy at home skeleton, simply wear a dark shirt and pants and add cutouts of the human bones using white construction paper or fabric. For a pumpkin, you can use orange felt to glue or sew directly onto your shirt for a quick costume that takes just a few minutes. Add a fun touch to the holiday with deer or cow costumes or get a jump start on the holiday season ahead and dress up as a snowman, reindeer or even Santa Claus.

Shock the socks off friends at a spooky cocktail party with LED costumes that brighten up the room. Turn yourself into a jellyfish using an umbrella and attach streamers or LED battery powered lights to the edges. If you’re planning on using LED lights for your costume, make sure your costume has pockets or sew a fabric pocket so you have a convenient place to store the battery pack. You can even add a lit-up take to the classic skeleton. Opt for a black outfit and attach glow sticks in the shape of the human skeleton for a lit effect that with stun party attendees.

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