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The Halloween Pumpkin Your Home Deserves

Your annual choice of Halloween pumpkin just became much more stylish. While the big orange gourd still belongs on your doorstep, this year it's time to add pumpkin decor in glass, glitter and more. Discover all the ways to bring fall beauty to your doorstep, entryway and interiors when you shop this new selection of faux pumpkins.

Glass Pumpkin Decor

Glass pumpkins are the easiest way to create shimmer and artistry while still sticking to the tried-and-true motif all families love. Made of thick glass walls for longevity, these pumpkins are ready to display year after year.

  • Clear glass cloches let you show off additional autumnal decor. Place strands of LED lights in yours for a pretty glow from a porch or bay windows.
  • An amber tint gives glass a realistic shade of umber. This stately hue complements the traditional bright orange in your other fall decorations.
  • Interesting textures, like linen-inspired glass, reflect light beautifully and add dimension to consoles, centerpieces and more.
  • Fill a vase with pumpkin vase fillers to place a touch of Halloween whimsy throughout your rooms.

Multi-Purpose Faux Pumpkins

Look for versatile Halloween pumpkin decor to round out your seasonal scenes.

  • Hang a fall wreath designed with a jumble of cheerful pumpkins to welcome you home.
  • Dot your home with ceramic pumpkins with patterns cut out of the sides like a real Jack O'Lantern. They double as candleholders for that soft glimmer of light indoors or out.
  • Stash candy in a wooden box carved to look like a pumpkin. Take the lid off with the pumpkin's stem and enjoy the treats inside.

Put Out Your Pumpkins Now

Don't wait to put out your Halloween pumpkin decorations. If you love the season, get the earliest start possible with corn and gourd decorations. Then, work your pumpkins in as the days get a little cooler.

You can begin with just a few and add to entrances, paths, steps and other areas of your home as the season progresses. On the days preceding Halloween, your home can have the delightful feel of a creative pumpkin patch.

Dressing Up Indoors

While many people make sure their exterior is picture-perfect for Halloween, what's inside counts, too. Add a Halloween pumpkin to a tabletop or along a mantel for holiday fun in your rooms. If you're hosting kids or having an adults-only party, you can still maintain your style with upscale pumpkin decor from Pottery Barn.