Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting can be multi-purpose in that it provides ample light while enhancing the decor. We have a large assortment of lighting including dangling chandeliers, flushmount ceiling light, floor lamps, table and task lamps, as well as wall sconces at Pottery Barn.

Hang a crystal chandelier over your bed to make a statement. The artsy explosion chandelier made of iron with a brass finish is contemporary in design. Formal crystal lights are quite elegant as shimmering light bursts through prisms. A chandelier will make you feel like royalty as you doze off into dreamland.

Add some throw pillows on the bed in keeping with the same decorating genre. A fancy embroidered pillow, velvet prints or one with coral appliqué is stunning. Stripes and gingham have a more casual appearance. Eclectic pillows with metallic patterns or funky fringe would be classic with an explosion-style chandelier.

Wall sconces can be hung over bedside tables on each side of the bed. They preserve table space and add lighting to allow you to read in bed or catch up on the computer. The nightstands are ideal for storing reading glasses, magazines or books for bedtime reading. Drawers hide what you don’t want visible and shelves allow you to display the things you want to showcase. Keep an oil diffuser on the night stand to emit a subtle fragrance. Try a fig, pomegranate or ocean scent to help you drift off to sleep.

Place a ceramic, glass or marble table lamp on your dresser to give you extra lighting where you’ll most likely be getting ready. Tall candlestick lamps take up less dresser space and illuminate from a higher height. Ceramic ginger jar types of lamps come in various designs and colors. You might want a lamp on both sides of your dresser, especially if it’s extra wide. Mix and match different lamps to step out of the box. Matching lamps works well for a very finished look. Put a mirror on the wall behind the dresser for getting dressed and a little primping. Mirrors are very functional, and they make gorgeous accessories for decorating purposes. These are not the commercial-grade mirrors, but very upscale and totally awesome to use. A galvanized tin mirror creates a rustic, primitive vibe. Round, abstract mirrors add character to the wall. Or choose intricately carved wood or a fabulous sunburst mirror. The mirrors provide a beautiful reflection in your bedroom in more ways than one.

Put an upholstered or leather chair in the corner of a bedroom with a floor lamp. Or you might prefer a comfortable rocker. This chair and lamp combo creates a great place for catching up on the phone or reading the newspaper in the quiet and calm of your bedroom. Floor lamps are handy lighting accessories because they can go anywhere you need them as long as there is an electrical outlet. They certainly complement your reading area.

Bins and baskets are handy to have nearby for storage. A woven or wire basket or a galvanized tin container is an excellent place to store books and other reading materials beside the chair. Roll up the newspaper to finish later and pop it in the basket. Toss in a pen for working crossword puzzles and Sudoku when you want. Go through your mail or leave it in the basket to read later.

Choosing lighting that works for your lifestyle is a breeze with so many options. You can decorate with these functional and practical accessories. Soft lighting can blend with bright lights depending on your daily needs. Dim the lights, lie back and relax as you fade into slumber.