Chandeliers under $399

At Pottery Barn, we know that value and style are important to you. That’s why our collection of chandeliers under $399 is a stunning way to add glamour and style to your home without breaking the bank. Choose stunning crystal chandeliers that sparkle in the entryway or rustic antler chandeliers that add cabin-inspired styling in the dining room at great prices and great quality. Our chandeliers are available in a wide range of finishes including cast iron, polished silver and nickel, hammered copper, glass and crystal so you can find the perfect one to fit your style for any room in the house.

Many of our chandeliers can even be paired with shades and accessories to create your dream design. Our shades come in styles that feature straight sides, flared edges and tapered drums to create the desired dimension for your home. Opt for burlap shades that filter light for a natural, textural warmth, or keep things simple and elegant with linen lamp shades. Our accessories allow you to take chandeliers to the next level and keep industrial parts under wraps if you prefer. Cover long cords or chandelier chains with burlap or cotton covers that give your chandelier a soft and romantic look.

Make sure to check out our collection of light bulbs to find the bulb that emits just the right amount of illumination for your space. For soft, warm lighting that is perfect for watching a movie or enjoying intimate conversations, opt for a 40-watt light bulb. If you want to brighten up your space or provide ample light for reading, studying or working, opt for 60-watt light bulbs that make it easy to see what you’re working on. Choose from traditional globe light bulbs that are reminiscent of Thomas Edison’s originals, or opt for a romantic touch with teardrop light bulbs that feature striking filaments and are perfect for chandeliers that feature exposed bulbs.

If you want to create the perfect rustic look, pair an antler or candle chandelier with lanterns that add quintessential country charm. You can dress up contemporary chandeliers with glass and mosaic lanterns that add sparkle and shimmer to you room. Some of our chandeliers are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, making them the perfect addition to outdoor lounge areas and backyard cook outs. Our outdoor chandeliers are built to stand up to the elements and are durable so they’ll last for years to come. Add LED or flame candles to your lanterns to create a soft glow that is perfect for entertaining or enjoying the evening with your family.

Chandeliers can even be used as bath lighting and can complement your bathroom fixtures or stand out as a statement piece. Choose a chandelier in the same material as your bath tub and sink fixtures for a cohesive look or make your chandelier the focal point of your bathroom with a contrasting piece. Add a striking crystal chandelier directly over the tub and enjoy exquisite lighting while soaking in the tub. Add a beaded chandelier to complement Bohemian themes or mimic the look of shells and sea glass for beach inspired designs.

Whatever your style, our custom lighting options make it easy for you to design every room in your home to perfection. Mix and match lighting styles from sconces to flushmounts with your chandeliers to create a design that will put a smile on your face every time you come home. Choose from a wide variety of styles and illumination options to make customizing any space, or creating a characteristic personality for each area of your home, both simple and enjoyable. Select both the intensity and opacity of each light fixture to create the ideal atmosphere.