Dining Room Lighting

Decorating your dining room provides ample opportunity for stylish fun. You can see the effects of your creativity almost immediately, and so can your friends and family. Finding exciting furniture, adding the little details that complete your dream room and then enjoying the space for morning coffee or dinner with friends produces a lot of satisfaction. You have every reason to be proud because everything from concept to the final touches springs from your impressions and imagination. At Pottery Barn, our goal is simply to provide you with the tools to bring your vision to life. We want everything from the dining table to artwork and decor to express your personality. That goes for your dining room lighting too. Are you looking for some outside-the-box ideas for inspiration? Here are a few.

Light fixtures are an awesome decorative element in the dining room for a couple of reasons. For one thing, people notice them right away. They’re a little above eye level, bold and shaped to attract attention. They also directly impact the way the room feels: warm, intimate, spacious, relaxing, formal or informal. All of those characteristics make them ideal for giving the dining room your signature design impression.

Dining room lighting comes in many forms. Pendants and chandeliers are prized in the space above the dining table. Wall sconces point guests towards your favorite works of art or a gorgeous console table vignette. Recessed lighting creates a soft ambience, while flushmount fixtures illuminate larger dining rooms uniformly. Each piece excels in different areas, and you’re not limited to using just one. Feel free to layer lighting as much as you want.

Multiple light sources are especially useful in giving the dining room an intimate family-and-friends-focused atmosphere. If you have a rustic dining area filled with reclaimed wood furniture, wood floors and a cozy rug, a chandelier with golden, glowing lighting fits beautifully. Adding a buffet table with a pair of lamps makes the room even more comfortable and inviting, ideal for kicking back and talking with people you care about.

What if your style is modern with an artistic twist? Don’t worry, there’s definitely pendant lighting with your name on it. Some modern designs focus on simplicity and spacious ambience. In that case, go for pendants with clear glass covers and straight or circular contours. They’re not ashamed of being straightforward. The bright light – especially with neutral wall colors – makes the room feel bigger. Colorful art, a sleek dining set, sheer curtains and a few bold decorative accents are great ways to add contemporary flair.

For pure elegance, it’s hard to beat the crystal contours and reflections of a cascading chandelier. It’s impossible not to notice a chandelier hanging above your dining table. At the same time, the rays of light reflected around the room enhance the rest of your decor and the meal itself. Metallic accents – such as candle holders, serving pieces, mirrors and dining accessories – complement a crystal chandelier in traditional, vintage, Victorian and trendy styles.

Of course, you’re not limited to any kind of usual style definition when choosing your dining room lighting. You’re fusing different elements together into your own distinctive layout. It’s not hard to combine pieces of modern, artistic and vintage styles together for tons of impact. What does that mean? Just be yourself when choosing lighting. If you love a certain pendant for your industrial-style dining room – pendants are a great choice for industrial looks because of the visible parts and black elements – go for it.

Does the shape or size of your table come into play when picking out dining room lighting? Well, yes and no. It can, if you want it to, but it’s not a rule. For example, orb-shaped pendants or drum shades look great above a round table. They also contrast nicely with other shapes. Rectangular chandeliers provide lots of lighting for a rectangular table. Some designers even like to consider whether the table – and other nearby furniture – has sharp edges or lots of curves when looking for a matching chandelier, flushmount or pendant fixture.