Everyday Value Lighting

Nothing quite affects the feel or decor of a room more than light. Lack of light has a tendency to make a room feel smaller and subdued – and that’s actually a great way to make larger rooms feel more cozy, depending on the colors used in the room. A bounty of light easily wakes up a room, adding joyfulness and cheer. Light effects can certainly be achieved through the right windows, window treatments and window shades, but artificial light is also necessary to add different effects, create focal points and to add light at night for functionality. If you’ve been considering changing some of your fixtures or adding more lamps and sconces to your space, but are worried about breaking the budget, everyday value lighting from Pottery Barn is a wonderful solution. With everyday values that stay the same all of the time, you can take your time choosing pieces that will complement your decor, adding cheer and brightness in any room you choose. Search a wide selection of pendant lighting, table lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers and more to outfit your home.

For a touch of shabby chic or a touch of elegance, shop everyday value chandeliers to truly brighten a room. A chandelier has the possibility to add many different effects. This type of light fixture works great in the dining room, but is also suitable for a foyer, entryway or hallway. A chandelier offers cascades of light, mixed with delicate and ornate fixtures to create a classic look. Some chandeliers might emit an “old barn” type of feeling, while others might evoke an overall vibe of formal elegance. Choose one that’s right for you to suit your space.

Flushmounts are also wonderful light fixtures to light up a room. A flushmount is a type of ceiling fixture that affixes directly to the ceiling and does not hang; however, with myriad design choices, a flushmount could easily be as ornate or as subtle as you’d like. Choose from options such as a clear glass globe type of flushmount. This type of fixture works well within an industrial or modular type of decor setting, or is great for shabby chic or rustic looks. Its globe easily lets you see the inner workings of the light, and this is a great choice for your home office or workspace. Pendant lighting is another option. Usually not as ornate as chandelier lighting, but still classic and timeless nonetheless, pendant lights hang down from the ceiling. These types of lights work well in the kitchen, dining room or in spaces over tables or workstations. Look for different styles to suit your needs, such as modern or contemporary. Pendant lighting can often come in a set, such as a set of three, to provide beneficial light in the room where it is installed.

If you are in need of new lighting that doesn’t require hard-wiring, floor and table lamps work well. Table lamps can be quite decorative. Look for bases that complement the existing decor (with shades to match) or contrast the look of the room. Table lamps are a good choice for side or coffee tables as well as media centers, nightstands and other table areas where you need light, such as for reading. Task lamps are good choices to attach to your desk or workspace. Floor lamps have the ability to light up a whole room, especially multi-bulb units. Place a floor lamp next to your favorite reading chair or in the corner of a room to add sufficient, bright light. Never lacking in style, floor lamps can definitely add to the feel or decor of a room as well.