Home Office

Whether it’s small and cozy or spacious and sprawling, your home office needs some light. Pottery Barn’s home office lighting options give you just what you need to shed light on your work and illuminate your creativity. Whether you’re looking for a chandelier or lamps for your table or floor, we give you a range of options to consider that add style and practicality to your home. From subtly glamorous styles to lamps with a distinctly industrial flair, you can give your home office the ideal ambience to cultivate productivity and spur innovation. You’ll be able to impress your visitors and keep your mood bright as you settle down to work.

Our home office lighting selections work with any furniture configuration. From adjustable-height standing desks to small writing tables, these lamps bring the functionality you need in a convenient form. If you prefer to keep your work surface clear, you can use one of our floor lamps to direct light on your papers or computer screen. If you occasionally need a bright, directed light source on your latest project, we offer classic task lamps with adjustable necks and shades so you can point the light exactly where you need it to shine.

From a full office setup to a small desk in the corner of your living room, your workspace should be a functional, comfortable area where you can retreat to focus and engage with the ideas that fuel your purpose. Lighting is an essential component in that equation – it provides clarity and keeps you going even when the sun isn’t on duty. Studying, writing, connecting, creating and researching are all possible when you have the right place to get it done. Our home office furnishings and accessories give you options to consider as you curate a personalized place to get down to business.

We offer a full range of home office furniture and accessories. In addition to lamps, desks and shelving, we have comfortable desk chairs and cushy guest chairs you can use to support yourself and your colleagues or clients when they stop by your office at home. From modern styles with a bit of flair to classic utilitarian desks and cabinets, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you need to make your home office feel authentic and inviting. Even if your home office has a built-in overhead light fixture, our lamps can come in handy for those times when you need a little extra brightness in your day.