The kitchen is often where the most important conversations in the home take place, whether you are cooking with your family, serving drinks to friends or sharing an intimate meal at the bar. It deserves just as much design attention as any other room in the house. Kitchen lighting is an easy way to add extra flash to your cooking space. At Pottery Barn, we have a wide selection of lighting choices to give you the look you want.

Choose lights that fit your space and your personality. If you have an island or breakfast bar, consider hanging a series of lights the length of the bar. Use several of the same type of hanging glass pendant lights to keep things uniform, or mix and match different shapes and designs for an eclectic look. Our pendants come in several styles, from rustic designs with metal poles and mouth-blown glass casings to contemporary metal fixtures.

A chandelier makes a bold statement in a kitchen. Anything from a smaller version of a traditional crystal design to a vintage look with candle-style lights can make an impression on everyone who visits your home. If you want something different, look for chandeliers made out of mason jars. When you spend so much time in the kitchen, it is important to design a space that makes you feel happy.