Kitchen Lighting

Illuminate your culinary creations with kitchen lighting that adds the finishing touches to your dream dining room or kitchen. At Pottery Barn, we know that style is as important to you as the proper intensity and brightness of your lighting, so we create stunning pieces that are sure to provide the perfect amount of illumination in styles you love. Whether you are looking for a statement piece to hang above your dining table or vibrant lighting to create masterpieces in the kitchen, choose from a wide range of chandeliers, pendants and flushmounts to create your dream look.

Beaded, crystal, linear, metal, rustic or modern chandeliers can add to any design, whether as an elegant dining room’s centerpiece or as a jeweled kitchen light. Glass, crystal and beaded chandeliers offer reflective lighting that makes it an ideal choice for any lighting scheme. Our chandelier lighting fixtures come in size options ranging from small to large with adjustable chains to accommodate varying ceiling heights so they are suitable for large or small kitchens alike. Orbital, modern designs add a contemporary look to your kitchen while more traditional and rustic varieties, such as linear lights with glass candles, cast-iron or antler chandeliers add cabin vibes to any home.

Our pendant lighting options are a terrific choice to illuminate breakfast bars and kitchen islands so you can cook up any recipe in style. Many pendant lights come in odd-numbered sets to create a symmetrical look that highlights long tables or countertops. Choose from three- and five-pendant sets that fit most spaces or opt for intricate 16 pendant sets including rustic jars and glass pendants for a truly eye-catching look. Our selection of pendant lighting fixtures includes understated metal pieces that are ideal for use in your kitchen or elegant glass fixtures that are ideal for a breakfast nook.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, illuminate the night with outdoor lighting that makes cookouts and elegant dinner parties a bright affair. Our outdoor lighting is designed to stand up to the elements and can be hardwired directly into your home for a professional appearance. Outdoor chandeliers instantly update your space and can turn even the quaintest setups into luxurious retreats. Opt for sconces to illuminate deck stairs and walkways or to brighten up tables set alongside the house. Pendant lights and chandeliers are ideal for covered outdoor spaces such as terraces and porches.

Our flushmount lighting eliminates the look of chains and cords making them terrific pieces if you love clean style elements. Our flushmounts allow you to create the look of a chandelier and are ideal for rooms that have low ceilings as they don’t take up as much vertical space. Mimic the look of luxurious chandeliers with crystal and glass flushmounts, or opt for a traditional look with flushmounts featuring linen shades. Add dimension with a geometric flushmount that features linen and metal accents in bold patterns for a statement piece in the kitchen.

Whether you choose chandelier, pendant or flushmount lighting, select the proper light bulbs to illuminate your kitchen. Keep your home environmentally friendly with LED light bulbs that are energy-efficient, saving you money and helping the planet. Opt for teardrop light bulbs to direct light to the end of the filament and create a soft, reflective glow. Go traditional with Edison-inspired light bulbs that are reminiscent of soft, warm lighting from decades gone by. Brighten up your kitchen with 60-watt light bulbs that help you to see recipes and illuminate your workspace or 40-watt light bulbs that turn your luminaries into soft works of art that inspire intimate dinner conversations.