Bathroom Lighting

Light has a positive effect on your emotions. It gives you energy and a smile. That, in turn, affects the rest of your day in a good way. A positive attitude helps you deal more easily with anything that comes your way since it encourages creative solutions and quick thinking. It doesn’t matter if your schedule involves work, shopping, entertaining, kids or a hobby, bright lighting lets you get it done with a spring in your step. At Pottery Barn, we’re happy when you’re happy. We also know how much lighting can help with that. We offer light fixtures for every room of the house, from chic living room accents to bathroom lighting ideal for relaxation. Looking for a few bathroom lighting design ideas? There are a few awesome possibilities.

One great way to infuse your bathroom with excitement – and your personality – is by going with a design theme. How does lighting come into the picture? Both light fixtures themselves and the intensity of light they produce set the mood for a room. Decor from around the world usually has a specific vibe. Italian country styles, for example, fuse rustic wood elements, stone, ceramics and dark metal light fixtures to create a bathroom that’s warm and beautiful. Deep reds, oranges and browns highlight this ambience even more, so lighting with golden hues fits like a glove.

What are some other international themes for a bathroom? Mediterranean styles – like what you’d find in Greece – are a refreshing blend of natural light and elegant lighting. Your bathroom doesn’t need to have a connected open-air sunroom to take advantage of this mixture of art, architecture and sophistication. Bright surfaces like tile or marble look amazing here, along with sleek mirrors and a favorite work of art or two. A footed bath is another possibility. Anything breathtaking that also feels fresh and rejuvenating is an ideal choice. Because you have natural light to play around with, intense overhead lighting isn’t usually necessary – although you can include it if you want for an especially modern touch. A relaxed chandelier or some sconces boost ambient lighting just enough during the day and create an intimate feel at night.

Another reason to decide on a certain light fixture has to do with practical aspects. It’s a big help as you’re getting ready in the morning when you have more than enough light to see yourself clearly in the mirror. That way putting on makeup or styling your hair just the way you like it is easy. Another benefit of bright lighting during your morning routine is that it wakes you up quickly since your brain equates light with activity. Cold, dark winter mornings are not a problem with lots of light to get your motor revving.

How can you maximize the amount of light in the bathroom without things feeling too intense? Well, lighting preferences vary from person to person, so a good place to start is to ask yourself how much light is comfortable to you. That way you have enough illumination to move around freely, but not so much that you have to wear sunglasses inside – unless you feel like it, of course. Many people like to use a flushmount or pendant light fixture in the center of the room or several that are distributed evenly depending on the size of the bathroom with sconces above or beside the mirror for extra light.

Bright lighting is especially helpful in intimate bathrooms since white tones automatically make the space feel larger. There’s no need to limit yourself to a single mirror either. Several smaller mirrors around the room complement the central mirror above your sink console. One tip, however: some people don’t like the endless reflection of a mirror directly behind another mirror when trying to get ready. If that’s your case, it’s probably better to place additional reflective accents off to the side or on another wall. Either way, mirrors and lighting are a match made in heaven that can brighten up your bathroom a ton with minimal effort.