When decorating an elegant en suite bathroom or one for distinguished visitors, don’t settle for a disfigured-looking fluorescent light bulb and ordinary socket that looks more akin to belonging in the garage than in a stylish space. Pottery Barn allows you to decorate your bathroom with beautiful options that are both functional and exquisitely attractive. Our bathroom lighting provides subtle illumination, delightful curves and a relaxing ambience that will leave you with no regrets. Incomparable sconces and brilliant flushmounts and fixtures contribute to a bathroom that feels spacious, bright and exceptionally clean. Whether you choose to paint the room’s walls with a traditional white, soothing melon or other pastel color, or use deep and emotive tones like chocolates, dark blues or scarlet hues, our sconces harmonize effortlessly and enhance the space brilliantly. Oft forgotten, wall art works just as well in a bathroom as it does in the living room.

The Covington Articulating Single Sconce features elegant curves, a bell-shaped shade that fills the room with softly diffuse light, and exquisite plating to ensure that each combines perfectly with your bathroom design vision. For a truly inspiring and refined piece, select the Clarissa Crystal Drop Flushmount. This work of art contains dozens of faceted crystals designed to refract light into elegant streaks of impressive color and warmth. For additional touches of glass and intriguing shapes, decorate a sink or console with a trendy vase.