Living Room Lighting

Your living room is a place where you entertain guests. It’s a place to relax and converse with family and friends. The room can also be a place of respite for you to read a good book in quiet and stillness. Making sure you have lighting you love that also serves its purpose is key, but you’ll also want it to fit the decor of the room. We offer a wide range of lighting styles at Pottery Barn to suit your mood and style sensibilities.

Flushmount ceiling lights come in formal crystal designs or those with contemporary globes, and some even have eclectic beading. With the close-to-ceiling mounting, you save space for low ceilings too. When you have a light centered on the ceiling, it’s a good place to put a rug that’s centered on the floor below the lamp to create a sense of balance in the room. Accent rugs come in a variety of patterns. A rug can be a focal point in the room, so select one that suits your room’s personality. While it enhances the decor, it also provides a soft landing for your feet and a place for kids to play on the floor.

To pull out some of the colors in the room to highlight with your lighting elements, place some accent pillows on the living room furniture. This is an easy way to make the room pop and draw your eye to exactly where you want to look. Relax in a reclining chair with a plush embroidered pillow. A comfy chair is a great spot to hang out with others or by yourself. A floor lamp placed beside the recliner will give off some light for reading, talking or watching television. If you get really comfortable and lean back against a soft pillow made of silk or cotton, you might be tempted to take a little nap. Lumbar pillows are great for supporting your lower back, and they fit neatly on a recliner. Mix and match colors for some variety.

Another way to use effective lighting in your living room is to consider hanging a chandelier in a corner of the room. Chandeliers are fantastic accent pieces that are often contemporary, eclectic or formal in design. Shimmering crystals shine radiantly and look great juxtaposed with rustic elements, or you may also want to go for a subtler wrought iron chandelier. Groupings of pendants can also serve as lighting with dimension. Place a round or rectangular side table under the chandelier and add a floral centerpiece. This will add character to the room with exquisite detail. A floral arrangement made with a glass vase filled with faux hydrangea, white pepperberry, cosmos, fern and wild Queen Anne’s lace is gorgeous and colorful, beautifully pairing with the elegance of a petite chandelier. For those who love roses, consider a real or faux arrangements brimming with peach and pink roses mingled in assorted flowers. A simply elegant pot of hydrangeas also makes a statement with monochromatic subtlety. Turn the chandelier light on and it will illuminate these no-maintenance flowers.

If you like to work in your living room, you might like a sturdy wooden desk with drawers for storage and a roomy surface area. If storage options aren’t necessary, go for a sleek desk with table top and defined legs, but no drawers. Angled desks that fit in a corner conserve space. Keep a task lamp on the desk for bright lighting to do projects, reports and spreadsheets or a little leisure reading. Extra light reduces eye strain and will help with attention to detail. Be sure to get a comfortable desk chair with leather or fabric upholstery and solid wood. Wheels make them easy to move around, but you might prefer chairs that remain stationary. The chair is ideal for working but can double for extra seating when you have company gathering in the living room.

Enjoy your time entertaining, relaxing or working in the living room. Family can congregate after dinner for convivial conversation. Friends can linger after a dinner party. The lighting, decor and furniture set the stage for a place where people always feel welcomed.