Galvanized Metal

Galvanized Outdoor Entertaining

At Pottery Barn, we know that practical and pretty tools help make entertaining outdoors more enjoyable. That’s why we offer a collection of galvanized outdoor entertaining pieces that are sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and add a touch of cool, industrial appeal. Featuring traditional riveted construction and utilitarian origin, our handcrafted galvanized pieces, including trays, are perfect for entertaining outdoors. The galvanized iron is complemented by carved wooden handles that feature a warm contrast for a striking appearance. Use these trays to serve up hors d’oeuvres or appetizers or to transport dishes and silverware out to the table.

Our galvanized serveware includes bowls that are ideal for everything from potato salad to fruit mixes and tiers that elegantly display cakes and tarts for dessert buffets. Opt for a single tier to make your desert the center of attention, or choose a three-tiered display to offer a variety of desserts for your guests to choose from. Our galvanized metal condiment trays fit right in at burger cookouts and neatly hold all the essentials for a juicy and delicious meal. You can even use a tray set to neatly organize your cutlery so guests can easily grab the things they need to enjoy their meals.

Serve up refreshing drinks with our galvanized drink dispensers that add rustic shimmer and shine to your outdoor dining space. Made of galvanized iron with mouth blown glass and a stainless-steel spigot, this dispenser is perfect for cold beverages only. The galvanized metal stand adds a rustic and industrial touch that is right at home in the great outdoors. Cleaning and maintaining these dispensers is easy. Simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth and store it in a dry spot so you can get back to entertaining your guests and enjoying your outdoor area.

Prepare for large parties or keep everything within easy reach with galvanized metal bar carts and party buckets. Keep beverages, including wine and soft drinks, cold and on ice with sturdy galvanized buckets. These carts feature locking casters that let you roll them wherever they’re needed so guests can help themselves and you can relax and enjoy. If you prefer to keep your drink stand stationary, opt for a galvanized metal bucket and stand that offers easy access to drinks in small spaces such as decks and patios. Some of our galvanized metal buckets even feature bottle openers so you can serve up drinks with ease.

Create a cohesive look with galvanized flatware caddies and serving sets that keep the party going. Our galvanized cheese knives come in a mixed set of six and can be used with everything from soft brie to hard cheddar for delightful appetizers. Our galvanized flatware caddies add a touch of industrial style to the kitchen and travel from the sink to the table to the patio with ease. Our serving spoon sets are great to toss salads and make it easy for guests to spoon out portions of pasta salad and even summertime chili.

Add the finishing touches to your industrial or rustic theme with galvanized kitchen accessories, including napkin holders and salt and pepper shakers. A napkin holder with a bar across the top keeps napkins from blowing away, making it ideal for dinners and brunches on the patio. Add a galvanized paper towel holder to your bar cart or inside the kitchen for an industrial look that pairs well with warm, wood cabinets. Our galvanized canisters are perfect for dressing up the indoor or outdoor food prep area and can hold everything from flour and sugar to vegetables and spices. You can easily set them out on a table or bar to allow your guests to grab what they need. The snug lids keep ingredients fresh and tasty even when stored away in the cupboard.