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Storage and Organization

A well-organized home or workplace is a true joy to all who inhabit it. Tame the chaos around you with high-end storage and organization goods from Pottery Barn. Far from the cheap plastic junk that makes quite an eyesore in an otherwise well-designed space, our storage baskets, boxes and totes use high-quality materials such as rattan, metal, leather and lacquered wood to create pieces that are as attractive as they are useful. From tiny trinkets to piles of papers, these accessories for home and office help you control your clutter and put everything in its right place without spoiling your aesthetic. Our pretty pieces are just the thing to help you keep it all together at home, the office or even your home office.

It’s the small items that tend to cause the biggest problem when it comes to organization. Finding an attractive way to stow your supplies or gather your gear can be a big challenge, but our storage solutions are here to set it all straight. Options include small trays that are great for keeping your keys in one place or setting down favorite jewelry pieces when they aren’t in use. If your needs are a bit bigger, there is a range of baskets and totes you can use to stow everything from magazines to scarves and hats. You can even find organizers to help keep your pet’s treats separate from the human food and introduce some order into your home’s entryway. No matter what your storage needs are, we’ve got just the thing to make it right.