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Outdoor Storage Now Includes Decorative Baskets

Outdoor storage has reached a new peak of style and convenience. Shop Pottery Barn's incredible selection of outdoor baskets, bins and more to discover just how satisfying organizing can get. These modern options combine the beauty of indoor decor with the utilitarian value of outdoor bins. Plus, depending on which you select, you can match your other patio furniture. Organizing doesn't get better than this.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Outdoor Baskets

The joy of knowing everything has its place becomes an everyday reality with new outdoor storage options.

  • Modern selections match the appearance and appeal of indoor baskets. Choose wicker construction, easy-grip handles and an array of colors.
  • Wicker now offers even better color variations than before. Gray tones include charcoal and smoke shades. Dark brown ranges from chestnut to mahogany. A blond wheat-inspired wicker riffs on the classic wicker look with dramatic tonality.
  • This storage is ready for almost any weather. Rain doesn't pool as easily in the open weave of wicker, either.

Features You Need in an Outdoor Basket

Discover all the features you need for outdoor baskets and bins with these new options.

  • Multiple sizes let you mix and match storage needs while maintaining harmonious look across your deck or yard.
  • Handle construction is made for lifting and carrying. Larger baskets have u-shaped handles while lighter ones have cut-out handles woven into the construction of the walls.
  • The top lips of all baskets are reinforced for strength with a durable weave technique that resists fraying or snapping, even after spending time in the sun.
  • Bases are sturdy and support sturdy walls for storage that keeps its shape, no matter how you stuff it.

Store More with Decorative Outdoor Bins

Decorative bins store what you need. These good looks have plenty of valuable space to spare, too.

  • Keep extra pillows neat and protected from rain, pollen or leaves when you're not using them. Just slide them into rectangular baskets.
  • Put sports equipment in a tall cylindrical silhouette. The uniform width from top to bottom makes it easy to stash balls, bats, sticks or racquets.
  • Roll up rugs, towels or blankets to line chaise lounges or stack shawl-like blankets for guests to grab when dining outdoors on cool nights or hanging out by the fire pit.

Pair with Your Chairs

To curate a gorgeous outdoor space, pair your outdoor storage with your furnishings. Shop the Torrey and Huntington wicker furniture collections to select storage and more all in the same colorway patterns.