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Sunroom Decorating Ideas

Turn your sunroom into your new favorite relaxing spot in the house with these cozy decorating tips. When you’re decorating a sunroom, there are a few things you need to do differently than when you’re decorating a regular room in the house. This is because sunrooms have more windows than the inner rooms in most homes. Thus, the materials used to make your furnishings get exposed to more sunlight. It also gives you more natural lighting during daytime hours, and that makes the colors used in the room stand out more vibrantly than in a darker room. Keep these ideas in mind while you're decorating your sunroom.

Choose Sunroom Curtains and Rugs for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The extra windows and extra exposure to the sun’s rays mean more ultraviolet rays are shining in on your furniture. To make sure the extra ultraviolet exposure doesn’t fade the cushions on your sunroom furniture, choose fabrics with UV protection woven into the fibers. Alternatively, add outdoor drapes to windows and keep the panes that let in the most sunlight covered. Choose curtains in a color or pattern that complements the flooring, rug or seating you put in your sunroom.

Sunroom Pillow Ideas

Throws pillows let you tone down a brightly colored room or add a vibrant, bold look to an Earth-toned pale sunroom. If your furniture or walls are done in a bright color, choose pastel, Earth-toned hues or bright white throw pillows to balance the look. Toss two or three pillows on each piece of seating and create floor seating by sliding a couple large pillows beneath a glass-topped coffee table. For light-colored furniture and walls, pick up some brightly colored throw pillows to make the space pop.

Create Extra Wall Space

Sunrooms typically have many windows and an extra door or two. Wall space is the design element that you may find it lacks. However, it’s easy to create the illusion of having more wall space in a room like this. Cover the outer edges of windows with drapes. Then, hang large paintings or wall hangings on the frame of the window or the door’s frame. This creates an interesting effect with light coming in from behind the paintings in the daytime while giving the room the appearance of having extra wall space. This makes an appealing backdrop for a sofa or chaise lounge.

The Beauty of Nature

Use botanicals to find beautiful maintenance-free plants for your enclosed patio or sunroom. Plant ideas for this bright, open space include vases filled with cut stems to position on tables and shelves. Potted plants come in a variety of heights and colors. Place a small potted plant on a table top or bookcase shelf. For another take, put a large plant in the corner of the room to create a focal point there.

Check Out the View

Enjoy the view from your sunroom? Use minimal decorations and let the outdoors add visual interest. If you want additional privacy, put up blinds or curtains to give yourself an added layer of protection. Then, hang up wall art and plants to create your own view. Hang up mirrors to create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms. If the sunroom isn’t as brightly lit as you want, add pendant light fixtures or string lights around the edge of the room to reflect light.