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Sunbrella Fabrics Are Here for Your Patio

When the great outdoors is calling your name, Sunbrella fabrics is the premium cloth you need to make the most of the sunshine. Discover its saturated colors and soft touch now for season after season of enjoyment. With a full range of patio umbrellas, outdoor seat cushions, curtain panels and throw pillows, you can decorate your outdoor living space.

Design an Entire Outdoor Living Space

Take your outdoor cues from gorgeous resorts and other fun-in-the-sun bastions to build a poolside or patio paradise outside your home. New lifestyle trends are skewing towards indoor-outdoor living wherever and whenever possible. Even if you live in a climate with only a few warm months, make the most of them with luxurious outdoor elements.

  • The quickest way to transform a space in your yard or deck is with a sunbed and canopy. Deck the frame with outdoor drapes to create privacy and a sense of mystery and style.
  • Designate an area for dining. Make sure you have an umbrella to keep everyone comfortable. Place your table near the entrance to your home or your outdoor bar, so it's easy to serve snacks and meals.
  • Pump up the plush factor when you dress every seat with Sunbrella cushions. Use them for outdoor dining chairs or chaise lounges for a soft, durable way to relax.
  • Toss Sunbrella pillows around your space for more cushiness. Outdoor pillows let you have fun with the big colors and patterns of nature, no matter what season it is.

Go for Bright, Bold Color

While many stylish homes maintain a neutral palette so that art and other accents stand out, when you're outside the rules change a little bit. Feel free to go big with color.

Since Sunbrella fabrics are resistant to both fading and mildew, whatever colors you choose last a long time. Explore deep lime greens, cherry reds, navy blue and turquoise hues and more.

Discover New Patterns

New patterns look beautiful outside, too. A striped umbrella is a classic, so you may as well go for the matching pillows, too--or try a modern take on the stripe by checking out color block looks. With Sunbrella, you can experiment with ikat or delicately edged stripes, jacquard weaves, intricate geometric patterns and more.

Enjoy selecting your patio's new looks. Sunbrella fabrics ensure you'll enjoy using them for many summers to come.