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Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Set up a stunning space for hosting barbecues or lounging on the patio. Our wicker outdoor furniture collections feature a great choice of eye-catching pieces for outdoor areas. Choose from seating such as chairs, sofas, sectionals and chaises for entertaining or just relaxing in the sun. Opt for dining sets and outdoor tables to create a comfortable space for summer dining.

Wicker is a material that consists of woven organic or synthetic reeds. It is very versatile and can take on many different shapes, making it ideal for making everything from armchairs to dining tables. It is an excellent material choice for outdoor furniture due to its durable nature. It is also resistant to the elements, so it holds its shape over years of outdoor use. It is lightweight, which brings a lot of flexibility to your patio decor. You can easily move pieces around to change up your style or to add extra seating when guests come to visit. If you want to make space for your child’s sidewalk chalk art project or clear an area for an impromptu game of table tennis on the patio, you can carry pieces out of the way without breaking a sweat. Wicker furniture never goes out of style, which means that you can lounge or dine with polish for many years to come. Its warm, natural look is appealing for outdoor spaces and creates a comfortable atmosphere that can rival your living room.

This attractive material is easy to blend with garden decor such as lighting, cushions, linens and planters, leaving you with a wide range of decorating options. Wicker pairs well with both wood and metal, so you can mix and match new pieces with any existing tables and chairs. Neutral colors such as brown, tan and black work with virtually any shade, from brilliant red to cool blue. The weave of this material offers it a natural give, which makes it cozy for seating. Pillows and cushions are great for padding seats and backs, and the wicker material blends well with almost any shade.

Pottery Barn carries an excellent range of water and sun resistant wicker pieces. These pieces require very little maintenance, as you do not need to oil the surface to maintain the finish or continually wash your furniture to keep it clean. Protect your furniture from bleaching sunrays, dust and damp weather with outdoor furniture covers. These can also add a bit of extra weight to help anchor your pieces during windy weather, which keeps your furniture from skittering across the deck as soon as a strong breeze hits. Take the furniture indoors or store it in another dry, sheltered place over the winter or over long periods of poor weather to help maintain its look. Be sure to dry out each piece before storing it and stow any pillows or cushions separately. This helps keep moisture from building up in between the cushions and the wicker.

Using a cover keeps dust and dirt from collecting in the grooves of the weave, which reduces the need for regular cleaning. However, if you find you need to clean your wicker outdoor furniture, you can remove most dust and grime with the brush attachment of your vacuum. You can wash pieces that need a deeper clean with a soft cloth, water and mild soap. After washing your furniture, use the hose with a low-pressure spray to give it a quick rinse, then soak up the extra water with a soft towel. Let the piece air dry fully before using it, covering it or storing it indoors. Hand wash any cushions with soapy water and let them dry fully before placing them back on chairs or sofas.