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Outdoor Furniture

Wicker Outdoor Sofas & Sectionals

It’s easy to fall in love with wicker furniture. You see it displayed prominently in interior and exterior home design articles. Creative ideas making use of this versatile material get your imagination flowing. Even movies are filled with examples of foreign villas and terraces adorned with lush plants, white sand, shimmering pools and, of course, a wicker sectional. At Pottery Barn, we’re just as fond of wicker as you are. Our high-quality materials produce pieces that last a long time, and appeal to the senses. Need some inspiration? Check out a few design possibilities using the beauty of wicker outdoor sofa sectionals. And feel free to adapt them however you like to create your own Hollywood – or Bollywood – backdrop.

Wicker has a definite rustic flair. It’s pure and unpretentious, just like nature. It makes your back yard feel like the countryside, surrounded by tall pines and majestic mountain ranges. A wicker sectional is right at home on a reclaimed wood deck, where you can smell the early morning air as you sip your coffee. Or have some fun with friends while you show off your skills at the grill.

Prefer the mystique and chic of an international spy intrigue? Take your poolside patio to the days and nights of Havana with a natural wicker sectional and tons of color. Add tropical flair to the space using lots of decorative pillows with floral motifs and vibrant hues. Or contrast light wicker with intense cushion colors. Cobalt, jockey red and Aruba give your home’s exterior some Cuban soul.

A comfy wicker sofa contributes an amazing ambience to the patio. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s also a practical piece. To really get the most out of nature, you need a place to rest your feet a bit. An ample sofa lets you spread your arms out and enjoy a great view. Take into account any amazing vistas when positioning furniture so you get the maximum enjoyment out of your time outside.

Two sofas across from each other great for entertaining. A coffee table in the middle gives you a spot for drinks and snacks, as well as a stunning centerpiece. This kind of layout makes conversation natural and relaxing, since you don’t need to turn your head to see the other person’s facial expressions and gestures. And the coffee table’s surface is just waiting for family game night on the patio.

What about a build-your-own sectional? It’s an option that really gives you complete creative control over the way your outdoor area looks. A custom sectional can be as large or small as you want. Lining part of your deck with seating is really easy since you can go with a small L shape or a complete angle. One creative possibility is to use curved sectional pieces to make two facing curves – like a pair of parentheses – around a fire pit. The possibilities are endless.